MetaGods Offers Pixel Art Fantasy Game with P2E

Metagods is fun-first, but also offering token-based progress, paid competitions, and a secondary NFT marketplace.
  • MetaGods is a pixel-style game with PvP, PvE and dungeon looting.
  • The game also offers GameFi elements, NFT ownership, land plots and a progress arc.
  • Players upgrade both their accounts and their characters within a two-token game economy.

MetaGods is one of the simple games with P2E potential, trending now on renewed social media interest. The game has a fantasy theme, rendered in nostalgic pixel graphics, resembling The Beacon. Now, MetaGods is trying to spread its message and become more popular among new Web3 games. 

MetaGods is a game of whimsical designs and characters, brought together in a metaverse adventure. The game will keep adding to its design and expand into a MOBA, with dungeons and quests.

Players can pick a role as a Warrior, Archer or Mage, and attempt to clear levels of varying difficulty. The levels also have a competitive element, with a prize pool based on difficulty. MetaGods is a simple-to-start game, but hard to master, as the dungeons pose new enemies and traps. The goal is to clear rooms as fast as possible, moving through a 2D map of pixel graphics. 

MetaGods Offers Sustainable Tokenomics

MetaGods is about to reach its first yearly milestone, after launching in the summer of 2022. Since then, the game expanded its possibilities, building up a P2E model. 

MetaGods also offers a constant progress model, where players earn MGOD tokens and can revert them back for upgrading their character. Owning land is a recent option, with the end goal of expanding a player’s reign and becoming a god of the metaverse. 

The game offers PvE and PvP mode, where players can gain loot from their opponents. Dungeon Looting is another game mode with the opportunity to gain rare or overpowered items such as weapons or armor.

Players can also choose to explore solo, or team up for MMO raids to have a higher chance of defeating the game.

MetaGods offers three main character classes in its current stage, with more to be potentially developed. The game’s goal is to offer sustainable growth and a progress arc in a simple game with nostalgic features.

Players will build up their account level through the game, and may add passive earnings or other perks. Characters will build up their own XP level, but lose it if defeated and will have to start again.

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