Mobox Introduces Base Building with MOMO Home

Mobox (MBOX) grows its games with regular upgrades, and is one of the most liquid game economies.
  • MoLand Defense, Clash of MoLand still among most visited mini-games.
  • The MOMOVerse will soon have the option for a home base.
  • MBOX preserves value on MEC usage, token burns.

Mobox created another major update on its MOMOVerse game, by adding a home base. The base will be part of the exploration and building process in the metaverse game. The home base was also teased in September as a potential update.

The game team also hinted at a wider ecosystem, which would bring in all MOMO NFT characters and avatars. Mobox was one of the most active NFT minters, though it did not use all NFT and even burned some of the items. All NFT owned in the game are on verified accounts and wallets. 

Mobox hinted at MOMO Home a few days ago, among a series of minor additions to its other competitive games. Smaller competitive games are still leading in terms of player retention. However, the MOMOVerse is the basic game developed with a long-term future in mind.

The MOMOVerse uses MOMO characters based on their “hashpower” feature, which multiply in-game earnings. 

The MOMOVerse also recently added a mini survival game, awarding MoBalls, one of the in-game assets.

Mobox Retains Value with Token Burns

The family of Mobox games is also on a mission to limit the supply of MBOX tokens. Inside the games, MEC will be more important, though without an immediate exchange opportunity. The MEC asset increased its importance for Clash of Moland.

MBOX slid to $0.58, down from the range around $0.60 held in the past few weeks. MBOX remains one of the most liquid tokens, with more than $5.5M in daily trading volumes. This has helped MBOX prevent deeper losses. However, the game is not ready to absorb constant token production and selling.

MBOX is used and burned for MOMO creation, mystery boxes, raffles and other in-game events. Based on MOMO NFT and MBOX valuations, Mobox NFT Farmer still holds upward of $45M in value, and is one of the most active GameFi projects.

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