Mobox Speeds Up Adoption with New Referral Code Giveaway

Mobox aims to phase out direct token rewards instead relying on NFT and character resources and orbs.
  • Mobox will go into maintenance for updates this September 30.
  • The Mobox family of games are among the most active on Binance Smart Chain.
  • MEC rewards and MBOX token burns help keep up the MBOX market price.

Mobox remains one of the strongest P2E hubs, with NFT Farmer remaining the main GameFi engine with the biggest smart contract engagement. But the game ecosystem is still attempting to grow, this time adding a referral program. 

Mobox opened a new set of referral links and a competition for a physical NFT mystery box.

At the same time, the Mobox team is working on the sub-games, with a maintenance upgrade expected on September 30. Top games include the MOMOVerse, Cash of MoLand and MoLand defense. Recently, MoLand Defense added a World Warfare expansion pack, with multiple new features for battles and invasions.

Clash of MoLand is yet another actively developing sub-game, recently organizing a giveaway through Coinbase Wallet.

Currently, MoLand Defense and MOMO Block Brawler are in active playing season. The new changes affecting most games is that Moland is trying to phase out MBOX rewards, replacing them with MEC in-game tokens. MEC can be transformed to MBOX, though it slows down the process of cashing out. 

Mobox is still among the most active apps on Binance Smart Chain due to NFT Farmer activity and the additional games.

The game has also moved up in popularity due to the curation by Binance Launchpad and Binance NFT, making it a high-profile P2E project.

Will MBOX Tokens Recover

MBOX has been relatively stable during the bear market, retaining some of its value. MBOX remains one of the better represented P2E tokens, with liquidity from Binance and multiple smaller exchanges. 

MBOX trades around $0.62 on diminished selling pressures. MBOX is relatively volatile and possibly a short-term hike is a possibility.

MBOX is currently not key to starting the game or for advancements, and has the features of a speculative token used purely for trading. MBOX is also widely distributed, to 202,704 addresses on Binance Smart Chain.

As usual, MBOX has regular burns, valued above $100K and based on in-game fees. The goal of Mobox is to avoid stripping the game’s resources just to produce and sell more MBOX.

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