Mobox Launches New Version with MOMOVerse Improvements

Mobox focuses on improving its game, while also balancing the oversupply of avatars.
  • The MOMOVerse MO Ball challenge offers fragments and new mystery boxes.
  • Binance opens Mobox challenge until June 14, offering prizes for burning avatars.

Mobox is constantly tweaking its MOMOVerse game, aiming to add active players in addition to its NFT Farmer passive staking game. The MOMO Ball game is now the most active feature, allowing players to gather and unbox surprise MOMO animal characters.

The tweaks are included in Mobox v. 1.1.9, where the biggest change is the usage of MO Boxes and MOMOs within the game. Until recently, all MOMOVerse assets depended on a listing on Binance NFT, which included fees. Now, the items can be exchanged within the game and only put out on the open market when needed. 

Players can choose to put up MO Fragments in the game marketplace, or open them in their backpack interface to build an entire MOBox. 

Binance NFT Mobox Challenge: Is Burning Avatars a Good Idea

Mobox avatars are key to accessing the MOMOVerse, as well as for Mobox NFT Farmer. Now, Binance offers a tool to use avatars in another challenge. Unfortunately, this will lead to a loss of the avatar itself. 

The challenge will run into June 14 and will offer BNB and MBOX rewards. But there is a catch – no rewards for participating without KYC. In general, NFT mints are often anonymous, offering no barriers to entry. But because NFT are monetized and resold, some platforms also require KYC to avoid scams or money-laundering.

Mobox avatars often go as low as 5 BUSD, though there are ones valued in the thousands of BUSD. One of the reasons for the low price is the overproduction of NFT avatars, during a previous minting challenge. Binance offered an event in December 2021, and apparently remained in control of the avatars. 

Binance will also lock up forever any avatars not burned during the Challenge event. This also raises the question of whether all NFT are fully controlled by the owner. Currently, the airdropped avatars were moving solely within the Binance ecosystem and only had a small withdrawal window. There are more than 10,000 Mobox items listed on Binance NFT marketplace, after unboxings from previous events. 

Now, Mobox is aiming to return to an ecosystem where all items have utility and are traded organically.

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