Monster Galaxy: New Payment Stablecoin Coming to the Game

Monster Galaxy will retain its GGM governance token, but add a token with a value of exactly $1.
  • Monster Galaxy offers fun-first strategy battles with monster teams.
  • The game recalls the model of Axie Infinity and Crabada.
  • Monster Galaxy will use a new stablecoin, CGOIN, for more intuitive payments.

Monster Galaxy, one of the games to enter active development and popularization in 2023, is now adding another tool for payments. Monster Galaxy started expanding its P2E model early this year, and recently introduced a new stablecoin to make earnings more intuitive.

Monster Galaxy centers around taming Monsters and using them in battle mode or for missions and quests. Monster Galaxy will use a blockchain-based token, GCOIN, with a dollar-fixed price, to achieve more predictable earnings. The game will retain GGM, its usual in-game reward currency, with a fluctuating price.

GCOIN will be at the basis of the Monster Galaxy payment system, and can be used outside the game. Monster Galaxy uses Binance Smart Chain, though for now its transactions are limited to special events. 

Monster Galaxy has accrued more than 10K mobile downloads on Android, for its basic P2E quest game. The main gameplay resembles that of Axie Infinity, where Monsters meet in matches to clear levels and gain rewards. 

In addition to matches, players must go though the progress arc of traversing five main biomes to discover the 12 lost Zodiac Relics. The game also aims to be fun-first and offer many avenues of progress, finding new Monsters, leveling them up and earning prizes. The more a player spends time with the game, the more compensation and more spectacular items. 

Monster Galaxy Offers Regular Mini-Challenges

Monster Galaxy also issues periodic challenges for achievement and short-term tokenized rewards. The game’s goal is to also line up among top Monster trainers with the biggest and most powerful NFT portfolio. 

Players can also build up a strategy to make their battle team more successful at winning matches, by tapping one of the five main types of Monsters.

The game resembles other collect-and-battle games, where each Monster is an NFT. A similar model is used in Crabada and Axie Infinity, with an added training element in the case of Monster Galaxy. The game is also partially supported by Animoca Brands for being one of the projects to bridge Web2 to Web3 features.

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