Crypto Raiders Prepares for Cyber Stadium Game Launch

Crypto Raiders became partner to Cyber Stadium, promoting the new game’s upcoming launch.
  • Crypto Raiders is holding a special event to win whitelisting spots for the Cyber Stadium game mint.
  • Cyber Stadium plans a launch by March, with a survival battle game.
  • Special dungeon will be open on Crypto Raiders to win whitelisting spots, or earn them for social media tasks.

Crypto Raiders prepares to further grow its audience with a new game partnership. Crypto Raiders is one of the nostalgic 2D games with pixel-based characters and a battle and adventure theme. Players of Crypto Raiders can now participate in events to gain early access to the upcoming Cyber Stadium game

Crypto Raiders is now holding a small social media list of tasks to gain whitelisting. The Cyber Stadium whitelist is a high-priced event, requiring a $100 ticket to go toward a general prize pool. 

The Cyber Stadium event arrives after the game introduced several small upgrades, affecting Wizard skills. The other updates included Gem Reveal, when players deposit ERC-20 token Gems into the game. Gem fusion is also coming soon. High-capacity forging is also a new option, where players bet on a chance to produce extra armor, but the process can also fail.

Crypto Raiders compensates for its relatively simple style with complex ability balances and the potential for multiple battle combinations. Players move through endless dungeons and meet fantastical enemies. At the same time, the RPG progress arc sees player stats increase and adds to each player’s character abilities.

Cyber Stadium to Launch by March

The goal of Cyber Stadium is to launch its futuristic game by the end of Q1. The game will be fully on-chain, using Polygon, which allows for fast-paced transactions and recording all in-game activities. 

Cyber Stadium will be a realistic battle game, already hinting at its potential for upgraded armor. The game will contain NFT items and require them for progress. 

Cyber Stadium will be a cyberpunk metaverse with a survival game set in an urban environment. Players in the early event will be able to mint a character, and the team will aim not to inflate the NFT pool. Additionally, the game will be sustainable as it will use the funds from the mint for rewards.

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