Monsterra NFT Game Prepares for IDO Round

Monsterra (MSTR) to add a tradable token to its mix while preparing the game launch soon.
  • Monsterra is a pre-launch game expecting to launch a free and tokenized version.
  • NFT collection sees some limited trading ahead of game launch.
  • MSTR token to gain first listings, trading competition just hours after IDO sale.

Monsterra, an up and coming NFT game, is preparing for an IDO round on August 16.

Monsterra aims to re-apply the Axie Infinity model, by incorporating breeding, battle mode and resource gameplay. The game will use Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain, though it also intended to use Terra before the crash of LUNA. 

MSTR Token to Get Immediate Listings

The Monsterra IDO event will be held on August 16, 10 AM UTC. Hours later, the token is also scheduled for its first listings. Among them will be the MEXC exchange, which offers liquidity to many early-stage presale games.

The MSTR token may have increased volatility as a trading event will be scheduled to encourage liquidity. MSTR is yet to be tracked as a P2E token. 

Monsterra is a recent arrival on the P2E stage, first joining social media in November 2021. The game skipped the peak of P2E and the crypto bull market, but hopes it can build on the remaining interest in Web3 games. 

Monsterra NFT attempted to jump-start its marketing without a token, but through selling in-game items on OpenSea. For now, the turnover for those items is rather limited, with only 28 listings.

Monsterra to Offer Free Version, Mini-Games

Monsterra will ofer a tokenized economy, but also a free version. In-game assets will also grant access to mini-games. So far, the game offers no free gameplay, but will add the main game with no need for initial purchase. Monsterra plans to scale to millions via its free version, while also offering a blockchain option. 

The game will become another element in the Avalanche ecosystem, one of the currently highly active P2E hubs due to easy deployment of apps and low fees.

The MSTR token will also have a relatively low issuance within the game, with a larger percentage set aside for the project’s purposes. A big part will be sold during the upcoming IDO event or events. 

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