Nakamoto Games: Is This P2E Model Still Viable

Winner takes all is an approach to gaming that does not promise income for all, but a potential for more significant earnings.
  • BTC, ETH and other awards replace in-game tokens for more valuable returns.
  • Nakamoto Games offers various tiers of access to a growing portfolio of simple games.

At a time when Axie Infinity earnings turned to less than $5 per month, and even leading games like Play Crabada pay out less than a dollar per week, players are seeking platforms with still viable P2E potential. 

One alternative to single-title games is the collection of Nakamoto Games. Those are a series of free-to-play games with a crypto reward pool. At this stage in the P2E market, the winner-takes-all approach displaces the minting of limitless tokens for idle play. This approach limits the available tokens and sets up a competitive system such as a tournament or a leaderboard.

Nakamoto Games also recently released a runner-type game with options for free play. 

Even without outsized crypto earnings, Nakamoto Games at least offers easy access with no requirement to buy NFT and a fair competition for a prize pool.

The approach of Nakamoto Games also frees game developers from the need to build a tokenomics model. The biggest problem in games like Pegaxy and others that reward almost all players is the need to balance token creation with token burns. 

When the reward is small and exclusive, there is no fixed payout and game teams can actually choose how to reward players – whether with items or tokens. Crypto reward pools can also be offered for traditional games, where players spend long hours by default. 

Coin Hunt and Prize Pools Bring Alternative to Token Inflation

Another older game with crypto earnings is Coin Hunt World, still active today. The prize pool of ETH and BTC coins is hidden in vaults, and there are keys strewn in a real-world map. This game uses a simplified move-to-earn model, while offering higher earnings with more luck and dedicated play. Coin Hunt opens vaults by solving trivia questions and varies the available rewards.

Games are also reorienting to what is advertised as Ponzi-Free Tokenomics. One upcoming game with varied rewards is DexiHunter, presented as the Pokemon Go of crypto. Instead of regular token rewards, the game uses incentives with various crypto assets from sponsorships, for a real prize pool that will not inflate.

The game will possibly remain attractive longer, compared to current move-to-earn games which will reach diminishing returns.

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