StepApp FITFI Token, Native Marketplace Build Confidence

Avalanche C-Chain is a temporary step for the app before moving to its native blockchain as a subnet.
  • StepApp closes in on launch, no set date yet.
  • FITFI to move to an Avalanche subnet, will be used to pay for fees.
  • StepApp expands Avalanche C-Chain gaming ecosystem with a high-profile launch.

StepApp, one of the top move-to-earn games for the summer of 2022, is getting ahead in its development. The FITFI token is among the trending assets, while the game also tries to build up a robust native marketplace. 

StepApp is another prominent app that started on Avalanche C-Chain and is moving to its own subnet. With this move, StepApp takes the route of Play Crabada, by adding a utility for FITFI. The advantage of StepApp is that the game plans to migrate early in the game and achieve all further upgrades on its subnet. 

To achieve the launch of its own subnet, the FITFI token will briefly halt its inflation and continue with the planned game tokenomics after the upgrade. 

StepApp expected to launch its actual app in June, and until then builds up staking for FITFI and NFT trading. Launching with a subnet ready may decrease the potential for congestion, which is also sometimes possible on C-Chain. In the past, Crabada’s transactions took up significant bandwidth and required additional AVAX feeds which cut into game profits. With a subnet, more active usage is possible with a smaller overload.

StepApp Faces Challenge to Balance User Growth, Earnings

Blockchain-based fitness apps are still looking for the right recipe of earnings and utility. While some users access those as regular fitness apps, some may require a significant upfront investment. Additionally, the games are at risk of serving early adopter “whales” first, distributing significant earnings, but barely paying out the latest players.

Using Avalanche subnets and native gas fees, it is at least possible to decrease gas costs for NFT purchases or other transactions, thus decreasing the load on players.

StepApp is still in its early stages, with a count of 700 users based on smart contract monitoring by DappRadar.

FITFI launched to high expectations for StepApp, at a time when STEPN (GMT) was also at the peak of the wave. FITFI reached its maximum above $0.70, and has continued to drop to its current levels of $0.12. The token is represented on the Huobi exchange, and has more limited listings compared to the GMT campaign.

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