NFT Panda: What Made This Alpha-Stage Game Run Hot

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy battles for place among top 30 P2E games in terms of player count.

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is an upcoming game in the alpha stage. In the past day, the game saw an uptick in social media activity and player count. The latter is due to a recently completed maintenance, an event happening for more complex games attempting to fix bugs.

NFT Panda is one of the more prominent games on the WAX blockchain, and is ranked in spot 34 among all other P2E games. The advantage of WAX is mostly in speed an already thriving community, though somewhat removed from the Ethereum-based gaming universe or other blockchains.

The sudden pickup in NFT Panda activity arrived after a series of upcoming milestones revealed over the weekend. The current alpha stage counts more than 2,000 players per day, a significant landmark for early-stage games.

With a more streamlined game, and the potential to launch beta version soon, NFT Panda has a bid to rank even higher in appealing NFT and adventure games. 

Beta Launch: NFT Panda Overhauls Whole Game

The beta launch of NFT Panda has no fixed date, but there are hopes it may happen in the next quarter. The game team has set on overhauling the art and characters, adding skills-based mechanics and tournaments, as well as renting opportunities.

As with other NFT games, the updates will also include metaverse land plots, as well as PvP battle mechanics and tournaments.

NFT Panda is currently in the collectible cards stage. The items are available on a dedicated WAX marketplace, separate from the activity of OpenSea and other aggregators. NFT Panda has not issued a native reward token, and mostly relies on card trading in the early stages. 

WAX tokens are used to trade the cards and may have a role in the game. WAX is one of the most active P2E assets, though still suffering from crypto market forces. WAX is currently at a one-month low at $0.26.

NFT Panda sold out its card packs offered in December 2021, and now playable and tradable cards are only available on the secondary market, for WAX-denominated prices.

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