The Creator Economy: Sunflower Land Adds User-Generated Islands and Items

Sunflower Land remains a top 5 game on Polygon even during slower times for Web3 gaming.
  • Sunflower Land adds special hidden items with perks.
  • The game remains sustainable with a player-driven economy.
  • Community Islands will allow for user-created features and NFT.

Sunflower Land expands its model of adding new NFT items. Now, players can add to the creative mix, by building their own worlds and items. 

Community Islands are coming soon to the game, entirely dependent on players building up new worlds.

Sunflower Land is now at the stage where players must expand their farms and generate the map. 

Sunflower Land Retains Players

Sunflower Land still reports more than 10K players in 24 hours, even during a low point in the NFT and crypto market. The game relies on an internal NFT market, with few exchanges happening outside the game. 

Sunflower Land is still a pioneer with dynamic NFT which can change features, and with semi-fungible tokens, as in the case of fashion collections and consumables.

Sunflower Land aims for a more player-driven economy with active trading, after opening the Plaza feature.

The Plaza is the first step of turning Sunflower Land into a MOBA game. The game aims to drive engagement with additional easter eggs and hidden items with special advantages. 

Resources from the game can also be transferred to the Million on Mars metaverse and used for utility. 

The Million on Mars game has a very different look, but a similar approach to Sunflower Land. Players can join new chapters with special challenges, and fight for new special resources. Million on Mars is a simulated survival game with integrated NFT.

Million on Mars has a similar concept of gaining resources and conquering a hostile map, and aims for organic growth similar to Sunflower Land. 

Polygon remains an in-demand network for Web3 gaming features. Sunflower Land has been displaced lately, becoming the fourth most active gaming app. Planet IX is in the third spot, due to its transaction structure. Stargate and Galxe are also highly active games based on Polygon, with significant value locked in NFT and tokens. Polygon is also one of the few chains where games have an advantage over DeFi apps.

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