Top 10 Card Collection Play to Earn Games to Try in 2022

Up and coming NFT collectible card games making a splash in 2022 with promising roadmaps and growing communities.

Card trading games make a digital model of their well-known paper predecessors. Inspired by Magic: The Gathering and other card collections, new card trading games now exist in the play to earn space.

This type of game is one of the most well-distributed in play to earn space. The genre crosses over to strategy and adventure, but there are games specifically focusing on cards and their rarity and levels.

With the spread of NFT technology, cards can now be tokenized and trading can happen on the blockchain, leaving a permanent record. Cards will also be more valuable, becoming a source of in-game earnings. We picked the top 10 play to earn games with card collections for 2022. The games stand out for popularity and high-level NFT trading activity with a high floor price, but also for completed and appealing gameplay.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained was one of the first applications of NFT technology for card-based battle gameplay. As one of the oldest games, it is also one of the most developed, and has gone through several improvements, the most recent one in February 2021. Gods Unchained wants to empower players to hold onto their NFT items and high-status gameplay, instead of moving out of the game to monetize gains immediately.

Gods Unchained is accessible at:

What Makes Gods Unchained Stand Out

Gods Unchained is one of the games developed by Immutable X, a project dedicated to NFT solutions as a Layer 2 to the Ethereum platform. Immutable X recently partnered with GameStop for an NFT issue, and has the potential to decrease gas fees for Gods Unchained.

What are the Pros of Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is constantly changing its gameplay structure to encourage the upgrading of card status and gameplay at a higher level for all card features. The game also includes special NFT rewards, after adding a more accessible starter pack of cards.

What are the Cons of Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained will diminish the rewards for GODS token to discourage bot usage, but will also decrease rewards for some players. The GODS token is also on a downward trend, and NFT cards are less liquid as a source of income. The game has lost its casual character and switched to a more competitive mode with high skill.

Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra is an acquatic-themed, monster card game putting stunning art first. The game has traded only 3.4 ETH in items on OpenSea, but its community efforts are ongoing. The game offers golden tickets and mystery crates of items and characters as well as collectible card sets. Genesis crates were sold out as of February 2022.

Synergy of Serra is available at:

What Makes Synergy of Serra Stand Out

Synergy of Serra stands out for its NFT-firs approach with impressive art on its collectible cards. The game is focused on building a unique model of card play with special focus on building decks with unique qualities. Pre-launch, the game focused on engaging its community on social media and Discord, while building the gameplay and card logic.

What are the Pros of Synergy of Serra

Focus on deck building may give value to Synergy of Serra cards. The game team also sells a weekly news bulletin in exchange for the game’s native token, to keep engagement up. The game requires skillful building of a 90-card deck and encourages seasonal challenges with the best possible card strategy.

What are the Cons of Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra is yet to introduce gameplay and so far its NFTs are relatively idle. The game also lags with the introduction of a play to earn token. The game’s actual launch may take months for the first tournaments to reveal the earnings potential.


SKyweaver is a fantasy dimension card collection game, launching its beta release in February 2022. Skyweaver wants to launch a simple browser-based experience to emulate the excitement of childhood card games.

Skyweaver is available at:

What Makes Skyweaver Stand Out

The game can be tested by unlocking 500 base cards and trying out the intuitive deck building. Leveling up can turn into play to earn. Cards are also never rotated out of circulation and are owned by players. Silver and Gold cards can be traded on a secondary market, reflecting the value of the game.

What are the Pros of Skyweaver

Skyweaver is one of the more complete card deck universes, with a complex lore of heroes, abilities and tribes. Skyweaver has a thriving community of artists, collectors and players. The game also has a creators’ corner for art and fan works, with the potential to receive special items.

What are the Cons of Skyweaver

The game may be adopted as a free to play environment, neglecting some of the NFT items and rare cards. Skyweaver does not mention a native reward token and its earnings may depend on the riskier, less liquid card trading market.


Parallel is an NFT card collection game, setting up its genesis packages in February 2022. The game announced its base price at 0.075 ETH, soon to open gameplay set on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Parallel is available at:

What Makes Parallel Stand Out

Parallel opens up the opportunity to gain early game card packs, with potential growth in value. The game plans to build a futuristic-themed franchise with physical items and has already established a significant social media following.

What are the Pros of Parallel

The game offers an open beta, and sells appealing hand-created 3D cards. In the coming months, Parallel will be filling out its collection with new items. This opens the opportunity for early ownership.

What are the Cons of Parallel

Parallel admits its card sales are used to finance the project. The still early stage of development is shown as a risk for the game, in case the gameplay does not take off as expected. Relying on resale value for NFTs is also highly risky.

Yokai Kingdom

This game brings a collection of 8,888 cards inspired by Japanese mythology, as well as a deck-building game mechanics. The cards are hand-drawn by digital artist Geo Law, famous for Sumo Digital game studio, with works for Google and Disney. Once the NFT cards are distributed, the Oni’s Adventure game is expected to start and expand deck-building strategies.

Yokai Kingdom is available at:

What Makes Yokai Kingdom Stand Out

Yokai Kingdom stands out for its hand-drawn original art inspired by Japanese mythological characters, the powerful Yokai demons. In February 2022, the game was still in the giveaway stage and was heavily marketing its art.

What are the Pros of Yokai Kingdom

Yokai Kingdom Genesis, the initial collection, has already tested trading on OpenSea. The cards have reached 3,000 owners with a 0.059 ETH floor price, an admirable achievement for a game just starting out. Yokai Kingdom still has a very small social media following, but is building up its numbers.

What are the Cons of Yoka Kingdom

The game may take a while to appear in its final form. In the meantime, the value of the Yokai cards remains risky. The game does not have a native token for now, and it relies on NFT demand. Taking too long may make players regret investing in expensive cards.


CryptoBeasties has the goal of simply building a fun, blockchain-based card collection game. Drawn in a cute Chibi style, CryptoBeasties has been around for years, partnering with other blockchain games. CryptoBeasties already has more than 14K items on OpenSea, with a 12.0 ETH trading volume over the years.

CryptoBeasties is available at:

What Makes CryptoBeasties Stand Out

CryptoBeasties has been around since 2018, with multiple card design iterations. The game is widely available and well-known, and may continue to gain fame as the play to earn model expands in 2022.

What are the Pros of CryptoBeasties

CryptoBeasties has issued Phenomenal cards, limited to only 10 copies, with the potential for extremely rare gameplays and high valuations. Currently, the game is still in the pre-launch stage, and card trading is the chief source of income. The actual game launch may boost the value and exposure of cards.

What are the Cons of CryptoBeasties

The game will not issue new cards until its official launch, which is still at an unknown point in the future. While cards can fetch high resale prices, the market can collapse at any moment. The game’s success hinges on renewed interest and the actual launch of the 3D battle arena, which was promised in 2020.


Spellfire remasters the long-running card game of the past with 30 years of history, and wraps it in an NFT collectible package. This game offers stunning card art and nostalgia, with added play to earn opportunities on reselling cards. In February 2022, Spellfire was close to launching its own marketplace to help the community trade.

Spellfire can be reached at:

What Makes Spellfire Stand Out

Spellfire carries a nostalgic vibe and a classic collectible card theme. The game has repackaged the collectible thrill with the potential to generate valuable NFTs.

What are the Pros of Spellfire

Spellfire builds a complex narrative universe of skills and strengths. The project is also serious about reaching out to potential players with competitions and calls for design or fan art. The game also has a predictable scheme of selling out its card sets so that most will preserve value.

What are the Cons of Spellfire

The SPELLFIRE token is rather new, trading only since the end of January. In less than a month, the asset lost more than 90% of its value. With that speed of losses, game earnings may be meaningless unless SPELLFIRE recovers or has an upward trend.

Dracoo Master

Dracoo Master is a collectible game with a Pokemon-inspired aesthetic. In February 2022, the game was still in early marketing, with appealing promotions and giveaways of notable items.

Dracoo Master is available at:

What Makes Dracoo Master Stand Out

Dracoo Master has reached the alpha stage and is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Collecting and upgrading Dracoos works similar to a card deck, and there is incentive to trade the characters in a dedicated marketplace.

What are the Pros of Dracoo Master

In-game items are traded in Binance Coin (BNB), with potentially lower fees. For now, there are only small-scale orders, but the game has the potential to turn into the next Axie Infinity. The game’s appealing animations and characters add to the potential for success.

What are the Cons of Dracoo Master

The game is yet to establish its DRA reward and voting token. The game’s marketplace is still limited in action, with activity still capped at around 300 BNB in one month. The game also mixes the collectible type with arena-type battle games.

Secret DreamScape

Secret Dreamscape offers a fantasy universe of worldbuilding with an element of luck. The game opened its first mint with 10,044 unique initial cards tied to NFTs. The game starts with deck-building, world lore and strategy, but also has a gambling element.

Secret DreamScape is available at:

What Makes Secret DreamScape Stand Out

Secret DreamScape offers both single cards and decks for SCRT tokens. The game is slowly expanding its resale market, while holding a highly active social media campaign.

What are the Pros of Secret DreamScape

This collection of card decks offers appealing art and a drive to popularize reselling. The game borrows elements from poker and scrabble for more excitement. The game has already launched live, though only arriving in mid-February.

What are the Cons of Secret DreamScape

Secret DreamScape SCRT tokens are difficult to access. Potential mints need ATOM tokens which can then be swapped via a decentralized exchange. Access to the game may be limited, and requires a new type of wallet, adding barriers to adoption.

Infinity Arena Game

Infinity Arena combines card collection and car racing into a decentralized play to earn gaming universe. Infinity Arena planned its initial NFT sale for March 2022, adding to the list of games that chose 2022 to launch despite the slowdown of cryptocurrency markets. Infinity Arena plans an IDO for its Zeronium (INAZ) native token, preparing for full P2E functionality.

Infinity Arena is available at:

What Makes Infinity Arena Stand Out

Infinity Arena is moving in to popularize its reward token and raise funds in an IDO. The card collection aspect is just one side of the game, with metaverse and mining functionalities. Competition and battle are also within the game mechanics. Infinity Arena thus crosses between game models.

What are the Pros of Infinity Arena

The game relies on high-quality 3D graphics and a vibrant metaverse. NFT uses are also varied, with a range of items, mystery boxes, tickets and characters. The game will constantly add gameplay elements in 2022, concentrated in the first half of the year.

What are the Cons of Infinity Arena

The game is yet to build a marketplace for its NFTs. With many games arriving, OpenSea and other markets are already slower to add new collections, so players may rely only on the native marketplace. The price and utility of the INAZ reward token is also uncertain.

Card collection games are not following a single model, with variation between the types of worldbuilding. Yet this type of game remains one of the staples in play to earn space. Game reviews are not an investment endorsement, as both NFT and reward tokens hold inherent technological and market risk.

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