Particle Network Receives Financing for Becoming Web3 Middleware Platform

Particle Network aims to lower the time to develop a new app, adding wallet services and API calls to leading blockchains.
  • Particle Network is offering a full-scale service for all apps to bring NFT, tokenization and easy onboarding.
  • The hub is compatible with EVM, Solana, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche.
  • Particle Network offers MPC wallets and account abstraction with SDK packages for Web3 builders.

Particle Network aims to become the full-stack middleware platform to bring mass adoption for Web3 users and builders. Particle Network targets developers with the promise of the fastest path from idea to deployment with an optimal workflow. 

Particle Network allows apps to decrease their development time by 80%, while also having a reliable blockchain. The goal is to allow app builders to create all the elements of Web3 projects, based on ready-made code and detailed documentation. 

Particle Network also partners with other providers of Web3 technology for builders, aiming to build scalable apps that can also be compatible with Ethereum and across blockchains.

Apps on Particle Network can build wallets and accounts, and offer NFT services such as minting and trading. Additionally, Particle Network offers node services or fast calls to other blockchains. 

The Particle Network SDK also offers seamless onboarding tools through Particle Auth. The authentication process only uses an email or social media services and creates the initial wallet for holding in-game assets or tokens. This onboarding process removes the seed phrase for new users, while also allowing for help tickets and account recovery.

Particle Network Offers Easy Onboarding and Wallet-as-a-Service

Particle Network also offers MPC wallets, using multi-party computation. This allows both security and the possibility to recover wallets. The Wallet SDK also offers project teams to build their own wallet-as-a-service, which can embed Web3 services across social media or other features. All wallets set up with Particle’s SDK offer tools to call on multiple blockchains, and perform token swaps or NFT trades.

Particle Network also offers NFT displays and in-wallet visualization, while also being compatible with EVM and Solana-based items. Solana NFTs remain highly active, though the requirement for a new type of wallet is one of the obstacles to mass adoption. Particle Network offers apps an easy way to engage with Solana, with no obstacle to builders. BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche are also supported. 

Particle Network brings additional analytics tools to Web3 projects, boosting the value of a data-rich environment to drive user adoption and engagement.

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