Pegaxy Completes Another Maintenance, WalletConnect Now Available

Pegaxy community prepares to combine and upgrade existing Pega NFTs.
  • Pegaxy now has more than 626.8K NFT horses.
  • PGX token sinks to $0.16, VIS down to $0.004.
  • Pegas prepared for mechanism of burn plus upgrade and tiered play.

Pegaxy went through a maintenance period last weekend, while wrapping up the breeding event on April 10. The new addition to Pegaxy is access to WalletConnect, opening access to a long list of different wallets.

After a recent slide in users Pegaxy stabilized with more than 8K players in 24 hours. Pegaxy stepped back to become the fifth most used game on Polygon, with its previous positions taken over by Sunflower Land and Aavegotchi. Pegaxy, however, remains a game in focus due to its potential for growth with adding more guilds, players and new game modes coming in 2022.

How the Breeding Event Changed the Game

Pegaxy is now equipped with 626.8K Pegas based on OpenSea listings. Before the event, the game had around 440K Pegas, with a floor price of 0.01 ETH. The breeding event brought down the floor price to 0.008 ETH, which may be temporary. 

With the usual breeding algorithm applied, around 75% of the created Pegas are a Pacer type, which is the most common. However, with the introduction of Pega burn mechanics, two Pegas of the same type can be combined to create one of the higher type. This may diminish the number of Pegas and lead to competition among Rare types. 

The new Pegas and statistics game is also shifting the balance for players, with some complaints of lowered win rate. However, the OpenSea Pega activity is now frozen, while some Pegas may be exclusively owned by guilds in preparation for new tiered play. The auction site lists 18.4K owners, with larger breeders and organized farms controlling hundreds of Pega NFTs.

How Pegaxy Assets are Performing

PGX, the game’s staking token, is down to $0.16, extending its slide from the past few days. Vigorous (VIS), the in-game token, however, is in freefall, down to $0.004, from around $0.007 the previous week. VIS was not required for the breeding event, hence a slower burn. The asset is also suffering from low liquidity in its decentralized trading pairs.

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