Pegaxy Drop Races Go Live with Exciting Items to Alter Pega NFT

Pegaxy will have two types of races – for fungible tokens and for key-and-chest drops, which can be accessed after paying a VIS fee.
  • Pegaxy still retains 4.49K players each day, with new Pega constantly minted.
  • VIS burns are still insufficient to boost the token market price.
  • Pega can alter their color and features, heritable in breeding and genetic fusion.

The Pega NFT in the Pegaxy game no longer have fixed stats. Every Pega can be improved with the new drop items, which can work on breeding and racing status, as well as color and cosmetic features. 

After a game update, the key-and-chest system of airdrops is live, granting a selection of food items to boost Pega NFT and gain in-game advantages. But the consumables come with a twist – using each new item is also a sink for VIS tokens. Depending on the effect and rarity, each airdrop will require different VIS fees to activate. 

This is good news for the game, which is trying to find usage for the excessive VIS supply. Guilds and early owners with Legendary and Founding Pegas have to pay the highest fees to use their mystery box items. 

Drop Racing Continues in Addition to Regular Competitions

Drop racing will also replace the usual rewards in VIS and PGX tokens, with users having to specifically select these types of lobbies. Drop lobbies are also important for gaining the required 30 key fragments to build a whole key. 

The changes worked on the Pega NFT are permanent and can be inherited in breeding or Genetic Fusion. The player has to activate all drops from races with the VIS fee and decide which drops to apply. Only directly owned or rented Pega with full wallet control can participate in drop races, which exclude share-rented Pega. The usual type of race will continue with its own schedule of PGX and VIS rewards based on Pega rarity.

VIS remains extremely volatile and underpriced, sinking again by nearly 20% in a single day to $0.00005. PGX is almost unchanged at $0.013, preserving some of the gains for higher-ranked racing lobbies.

Pegaxy inched up to become the sixth busiest app on Polygon, with 4.49K players in 24 hours. Drop racing is yet to affect the player count as it is only the first day of the special type of competition. Despite the relatively lower activity, around 15K new Pega were created in a single day, growing the total supply even above 1M NFT.

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