Pegaxy Enters Maintenance a Day Ahead of New NFT Drops

Pegaxy breeding continues, generating more than 39K new NFT in the past ten days.
  • VIS rallied from recent lows, going up to $0.00007, PGX stabilizes at $0.013.
  • Pegaxy to add three types of consumables hidden in mystery boxes for each race.
  • More Pega NFT minted, PFP items trade at a lower range.

Pegaxy will enter maintenance mode this Monday, in preparation for introducing consumable items. On June 26, the game will add key and box drops for each race, containing a selection of items that can be applied to Pegas.

Ahead of the maintenance period, Pegaxy still logged around 4.26K users in the past 24 hours, based on interactions with smart contracts. Despite the game’s slower or near-impossible earnings, Pega NFT breeding continues, adding thousands of new items each day. 

As expected, the consumables will have an effect on Pega statistics, will decrease the cooldown period for breeding and there will be cosmetic items with no effect on racing or statistics.

Pegaxy VIS Bounces from Lows

Pegaxy PFP also have limited success, with only 1.5 ETH traded since the launch and an instant resale at 0.01 ETH floor price. So far, profile Pega pictures have been distributed to around 3.5K owners, immediately listed on OpenSea. Another 39K Pega and growing have been created since the total count of NFT broke the 1M mark. The Pegaxy team considers this breeding level as a sign of success, though the value of individual Pega has fallen. 

PGX remains the more stable of the two Pegaxy assets, retaining value of around $0.013. VIS bounced off its rock-bottom price, rising from $0.00005 to the $0.00007 range, a significant percentage gain though still far from the token’s peak. VIS still has speculative potential, and earners may also swap to MATIC tokens. MATIC, the native token of Polygon, has grown from $0.50 to above $0.90 in the past few weeks. 

P2E games still depend on the conditions of crypto trading markets. With more listings and liquidity, PGX and VIS may improve their positions. Guilds and older players may still earn and accrue rewards with a long-term outlook to price recovery and more favorable trades.

Pegaxy is still a game trying to rebuild its model, though the initial potential for securing VIS income is now gone. Pegaxy is still the sixth busiest app on Polygon, retaining more players than newly arrived games.

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