Pegaxy Teases Upcoming Official Mobile App

Pegaxy prepares to launch a mobile app, while holding on among top Polygon games.

Pegaxy, a game that has kept its reputation as a P2E powerhouse, will now aim for greater popularity through a mobile app. The announcement arrived just days after news of a faked app attempting to steal tokens and NFTs.

Pegaxy remains one of the top games in terms of activity, with multiple scholarships. While data are inexact, Pegaxy has on-chain data to put it near the top among Polygon-based apps.

Now, Pegaxy has announced it is working actively on a native mobile app, taking the game one step closer to the potential of Axie Infinity. Pegaxy is an automated racer game, and mobile can increase access and the number of gameplays.

In addition to the app, the Pegaxy team announced it is working on more comprehensive records of gameplays on the blockchain. Because Polygon has lower fees, the blockchain will keep records not only of players and NFTs, but also of guilds, as a form of accreditation.

Pegaxy gameplays still record more than 16.8K players per day, based on DappRadar data. While it is impossible to gauge whether bots are also in the game, Pegaxy continues to attract a stable number of players with no technical issues. 

PGX, VIS Still Showing Weakness

PGX, the voting and staking token of Pegaxy, is down by more than 13% in a single day, to $0.22. PGX was dragged down by another overall market slide, where Bitcoin (BTC) crashed from above $42,000 down to $39,000. 

The value of average Pega NFT characters is also sliding, from 0.06 ETH average price to 0.02 ETH, which is close to the floor price.

VIS, the inflationary reward token, is down t0 $0.017, still bound in its low range. Despite the low price of the reward token, however, breeding and gameplays continue, trying to make up in volumes what is lost in token rewards.

The Pegaxy game also integrated token swaps within the game, to avoid the need of visiting decentralized exchanges (DEX). This may make it easier and more intuitive for upcoming mobile players to understand VIS and PGX.

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