Pegaxy Flies After Valentine’s Event, New Roadmap Teaser

Pegaxy (PGX) (VIS) completed its Valentine’s Day special minting event, adding to its social media attention.

Pegaxy, the simulated fantasy horse racing game, continues to top the list of searches for hot P2E games. The game’s team is highly active with outreach, adding to the social media exposure. 

Pegaxy is also one of the games that is constantly expanding its user base, with above 16,900 players registered as of February 21. Pegaxy grew its user base from just hundreds of players at the end of 2021. Both players and transaction count are on the increase, as shown by DappRadar data.

The game is also attracting players due to the relatively low prices of the VIS token, meaning breeding is more accessible. Pega characters, the game playable horses, are sold on the in-game marketplace and hold a 0.15 ETH floor price on OpenSea.

Vigorus (VIS) is close to its all-time lows, at around $0.04. Pegaxy (PGX) stands around $0.39 also after a three-month slide. VIS is causing some worries that it would follow a scenario similar to Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as too many players cash out their rewards. So far, Pegaxy has not set up a mechanism to decrease the supply of VIS.

There is no guarantee on where the prices will move, and more capitulations are possible. However, the game is in growth mode and is taking up top spots in terms of searches and social media engagement. The relatively low PGX and VIS prices may look like a risky long-term investment into the future of the game. 

One of the hopes for VIS is that currently, there are relatively few Pega characters, and the mint/burn ratio of VIS looks favorable. 

The special Valentine’s Day breeding event helped bring down the supply of VIS.

What Comes Next for Pegaxy

The game just completed a special breeding event, creating a generation of Pegas with special features based on a Valentine’s day exclusive mint.

Pegaxy also recently verified and added four guilds to its list, expanding outreach to talented players with no access to high-level NFTs.

The most recent big milestone for Pegaxy was unlocking mass access to the 3D racing beta.

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