Pegaxy Play to Earn Opens Ticket Sale for Valentine’s Day Breeding Event

Pegaxy opens special ticket sale for a breeding event this February 14, potentially producing rare playable characters.

Pegaxy, the virtual horse racing game, is planning a special breeding event this Valentine’s Day. The game is also getting closer to its launch, planning to offer its 3D racing feature for open beta in the coming days.

The Valentine’s Day tickets will be sold in the Pegaxy marketplace. The unusual breeding event can produce NFT playable characters that exceed even the Genesis collection by rarity features. The tickets will be priced based on rarity and add aura effects to playable characters.

Pega characters, as the fantasy horses are known in the game, are one of the more successful NFT collections on OpenSea. Pegas characters reach a floor price of 1.5 ETH. The game’s popularity is underscored by a Discord server with 100,000 participants.

Pegaxy Deals with Bot Accounts

Pegaxy was one of the games to recognize the invasion of bot accounts and track for suspicious activity. The Pegaxy team performs bot sweeps and bans accounts for a fairer distribution of prizes. 

Pegaxy also warns of circulating scams, especially around official events. 

Like other games, Pegaxy is beset by Discord scams and attempts to sell unauthorized characters. Pegaxy advices against buying in-game items on OpenSea, instead only using the market for research, as there may be useless NFTs. 

Additionally, the Pegaxy gameplay requires the unlocking of a wallet, which may be risky with a copycat site or a copycat NFT platform.

Pegaxy Assets Aim for Recovery

The Pegaxy game has a dual token structure. Vigorous (VIS) is the in-game reward token that is also used for breeding and utility, and is often sold on open markets. VIS is at $0.17, taking some losses from its peak at the beginning of the month when it traded at $0.25. VIS is also used for staking within the game. 

Pegaxy (PGX) trades around $0.74, achieving relative stability in the last few weeks and possibly breaking out higher once the beta launch increases the game’s popularity.

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