Pegaxy: Here’s What to Expect from the Mobile App

Pegaxy remains a hot game while trying to strike a balance between expenses and game earnings.
  • Players return to Pegaxy, with nearly 40K racers just days ahead of the mobile launch.
  • VIS still slides on low liquidity, Pega NFT price floor drops again.

Pegaxy had a busy month in April, with a series of upgrades and an epic Pega breeding event. The next step for the game will be the release of a mobile app. The app will put Pegaxy on the same rank as Axie Infinity, creating an even more accessible P2E opportunity. 

Pegaxy confirmed its previous plans to launch the mobile app, this time confirming the date. Initial access will be reserved for owners of Founding and Legendary Pegas.

For those NFT owners, the prize pool of 1,550 PGX will be a higher incentive to join competitions. 

Pegaxy also warned that any app released before the official date is likely fake and a risk for losses. The game’s competitions are currently only accessible on desktop. 

Players Boost Pegaxy Rating on Polygon

Pegaxy kept most of its player gains from the past days, with more than 37.1K players in the past 24 hours. The game met with some backlash from investors, as the balance of breeding and fusing Pegas was surprisingly steep in VIS expenses. The Pegaxy team will tweak the tokenomics as needed to make the game sustainable. 

For a P2E game, the exact spot where the game becomes lucrative may shift, and in the case of Pegaxy, it depends on VIS market prices. VIS, despite the burning, is still weak, sinking to $0.0046. VIS still has a favorable mint/burn ratio and may move higher if it is listed on a more liquid exchange. 

PGX remains with little change at around $0.16. In a few days, the excessive PGX fees for fusing will be returned to the earliest adopters. 

Is Pegaxy Worth Playing

At the current stage, Pegaxy may be unpredictable and challenging, especially for low-scale players. It is not certain if Pacer Pega NFTs will offer sufficient earnings. There are also observations that Pegaxy may be more lucrative for guilds and players at scale that already hold many advanced Pegas. 

The value and performance of a Pega can also be tracked through tools that take into account VIS and PGX balances and earnings potential.

Pega prices keep falling, especially for the newly created Pacer NFTs. The floor price has slid from around 0.009 ETH before the breeding event down to 0.005 ETH as of April 19.

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