Pegaxy (PGX) Prepares for Mobile App Launch in April

Pegaxy boosts breeding rate ahead of wider adoption on mobile.
  • Pegaxy NFT count grows on exclusive breeding event.
  • PGX slides to $0.017 on gamer count slowing down.
  • Statistics-based game to select for the best Pega NFTs.

Pegaxy remains one of the busiest games when it comes to delivering milestones and events. Now, the team prepares for a mobile app launch, potentially bringing its casual competitions to a much wider audience. 

Initially, mobile racing will be reserved for owners of Founding Pegas, the first generation that kicked off the NFT market for Pegaxy. 

The mobile app was promised for months, and will offer the automated, statistics-based racing experience. The announcement arrives just days after launching statistics-based racing. Pegaxy is currently in the later stages of a special breeding event, which will create a record number of Pegas. 

The game’s goal is to expand, after the mass launch of the mobile app. Making Pegaxy even more accessible may help it follow the success of Axie Infinity in terms of adoption. 

New Pegas Go on Auction

The breeding event for new Pegas immediately reflected on OpenSea sales. As of April 5, there were more than 544K on offer, up from 530K NFT items just 24 hours before. The listings come from 16,600 owners, and the floor price remains slightly lower at 0.009 ETH. 

The new Pegas will have several ways of usage. The more valuable ones will be tested in competitions and help equip guilds and new mobile players in the future. Some will be used within the game’s burn mechanism. 

The breeding event also helped with the burning of VIS tokens, slightly supporting the market price. VIS settled around $0.007, still expected to try and reclaim the one-cent level. PGX stepped back slightly at $0.017, trading in its usual range. 

Pegaxy Usage Slows Down

Pegaxy is also losing players in the past few days, as most are focused on the breeding event. Out of the usual level above 10K players in 24 hours, Pegaxy has moved down to 8.5K players registered by DappRadar.

The new statistics-based gameplay does not immediately reveal the best strategy, and may be causing a reorganization of users and guilds. 

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