Pegaxy: How to Play the Racing Game

Pegaxy gameplay is shifting, reaching an intermediate stage with statistics-based gameplay and expectations of skilled racing.

Pegaxy is a simulated NFT-based racing game, which added statistics-based competitions in March 2022. This is a temporary state of the game before adding skilled play mechanics. In the future, other gameplay elements will include stadium ownership and renting. 

To start playing pegaxy, read the Play2Moon guide on how to buy Pegaxy assets. The assets are available on the Marketplace with the potential to race outright or participate in breeding events if applicable.  

The first step to playing Pegaxy is to create a wallet compatible with the Polygon network. To start out the game, a player would need access to Pega NFT, which are the playable horses within the game. 

One way to get a Pega is to rent it or participate in a guild. 

Breeding Gameplay

Breeding and selection may play a significant role in winning matches in the automated racing game. The Pegaxy game sets the usual breeding mechanism as a paid tool, where horses are limited by their cooldown period and breed count. 

During special events, the game team can choose to change the breeding rules to make the creation of new Pegas easier. The no-fee breeding events help onboard more new players. 

Creating unlimited new Pegas also allowed the game to build its next tool – the Pega burning mechanism and tier-based rating. 

Pega Burn: How to Level Up

The new rules for Pega burns were announced in April 2022. At the most basic, burning two Pegas of the same tier (pacer, rare, epig, legendary and founding) will grant one Pega of a higher tier, with reset statistics. The new Pega will also have a higher breeding count. 

Burning Pegas will also burn Vigorus (VIS) tokens, with a higher demand for each tier. 

This mechanic will take the hundreds of thousands of new Pegas and produce a smaller number of a higher tier, with a potential advantage in racing. 

Tiered Gameplay

In 2022, Pegaxy will introduce different tiers for each breeding type, where higher tier Pegas will also receive higher awards. This mechanic will be the incentive to burn Pegas and VIS.

How to Race Pegas

On the Pegaxy dashboard, follow the prompt to pick a Pega to select the horses to race in the next competition. A horse can be raced up to 25 times per day. 

Each race allows up to 15 Pegas, with an option to choose 3D racing. 

Each racing round has a pool of 175 PGX.

Racing Pegax is not a skilled game initially, but it relies on statistics and scenarios. All game advantages can be changed by the team, as Pegaxy is one of the games willing to alter its balance to ensure a thriving economy with no oversupply and sufficient earnings.

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