Pegaxy (PGX) Plans Game Changes, Charts New Game Strategies

Pegaxy (PGX) becomes second-businest game on the Polygon network with renewed interest for scholars.

Pegaxy (PGX), an up-and-coming breeding and racing game, announced its upcoming changes coming in a few days. The game will now have different breeding and cooldown rules for Pegas, the breedable playable NFT characters.

Pegaxy has been gaining attention in the past weeks, as it becomes one of the favorites for game guilds. The Pegaxy player base is also derived from the Philippines, and the game has entered some competition with Axie Infinity (AXS) for influence over sponsors and managers. But for now, both games coexist well and are actually growing their user base and the popularity of the play to earn model. 

Pegaxy Adoption Speeds Up, Exchange Representation Still Lagging

Pegaxy, however, does not have such a wide adoption in terms of exchanges and curation from Binance, and may take longer to get close to the scale of Axie Infinity. 

Pegaxy has grown to become the 20th busiest distributed app of all, according to DappRadar. It is also the second most visited game on the Polygon network, only displaced by Crazy Defense Heroes.

However, it is also among the ecosystems locking in the most value, even managing to grow its transactions and value more in comparison to the QuickSwap decentralized exchange on Polygon.

Pegaxy is also more accessible due to the relatively low price of MATIC. The asset sank to around $1.55 after failing to go over $3 and rally to a higher tier.

The game also plans to rebuild its game, retaining some of the casual nature but also adding skill and strategy. 

The Pegaxy game boasts nearly 20K users, close to the levels seen for Axie Infinity after the start of Season 20. Within the game’s economy, more than $547K equivalent has been locked in tokens and NFTs. The game shows the growing adoption for Polygon-based games, where gas fees are not a deterrent. 

The Pegaxy community is also adding scholars, with multiple announcements on social media. Demand for scholars may indicate the game’s potential for earnings. Pegaxy’s team is affiliated with the Real Deal Guild, offering multiple slots for scholars.

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