Pegaxy Price Prediction: Will PGX Break Out

Pegaxy (PGX) and Vigorous (VIS) price prediction: will growing user base cause uptick in market prices?

Pegaxy (PGX) traded at $0.32 after a day of strong recovery across all cryptocurrency markets. The PGX token, which is the voting asset for the Pegaxy game, has remained relatively flat over the past months. Price predictions expect a change of direction soon as the game continues to grow its influence.

With the coming of game upgrades for Pegaxy and increased social media mentions, PGX may expect a breakout. PGX currently stands at one-month lows, still expecting news to trigger a move to the upside. 

PGX also expects governance to arrive soon and add to the asset’s value. PGX is now used to rent Pegas, the playable characters of the game. Renting Pegas allows players to accrue passive income, generate VIS tokens, or even breed new characters.

Vigorous (VIS) stands at $0.032, after a long losing streak from a peak above $0.25. VIS, as with other game reward tokens, may get short-term expansion, but will struggle against a bloated supply and selling pressures. 

PGX and VIS Price Prediction: Liquidity Still a Problem

The value of PGX and VIS is harder to predict mostly due to the extreme volatility and low trading volumes. Both assets rely on decentralized exchanges, and have yet to secure a bigger market representation on centralized exchanges. 

The value of PGX and VIX now hinge on the game’s success and inflow of funds and players. Pegaxy is quickly turning into one of the selections for gaming guilds and attracts players from the Philippines, competing for the outreach of Axie Infinity. 

The price predictions of PGX and VIS are thus measured in months, with possible short-term volatility and additional dips. 

The lack of centralized exchanges means trading hinges on the readiness to inject support into the decentralized pairs for PGX and VIS.

At the same time, Pegas playable characters manage to support a floor price of 0.099 ETH with 219 ETH in turnover. With new players coming in, Pegaxy will have to show it is capable of solving the problem of an oversupply of characters and VIS.

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