Pegaxy Prepares New Alpha Version, Distributes Early Game Passes

Pegaxy NFT are still above 500K, with uncertain utility in the new game.
  • Pegaxy aims for rebuilding its game, now with mobile alpha version.
  • The game lost its P2E model after its tokens and NFT lost most of their value.
  • Pegaxy will offer new items and a skills-based game.

Pegaxy was one of the prominent games that rode the bull market and for a few months promised significant returns. However, without a bull market, the game lost value, making most of its NFT and tokens worthless. 

Now, Pegaxy is trying to reinvent itself and release a new game, already offering early access to its alpha product. This time, Pegaxy aims to offer a skills-based game with a more sustainable model. The first winners of an early alpha pass were announced after a lucky draw.

So far, Pegaxy has tweaked its game multiple times to help boost its PVX and VIS tokens, but with almost no results. The automated competition game will be replaced by a skills-based, more active game.

In the meantime, Pegaxy is holding social media events and other mini-competitions to keep its brand alive. The game has more than 500K NFT issued, though some of the users have given up on their items. 

Pegaxy, however, is retaining its team and will be one of the games to relaunch. The Pegaxy problem with depreciating tokens was not unique to the game, and affected even market leaders like Axie Infinity. Now, Pegaxy is already showcasing its new game developments.

The relaunch will arrive first for Android users, making the new game an immediate mobile release instead of a desktop game. 

Pegaxy Aims to Regain Interest and Trust

Pegaxy has already worked out a model where most of the transactions and assets are off the blockchain. The game has also achieved success against bots and has banned multi-accounting. 

Pegaxy only draws in a few dozen users to its smart contracts and locks in around $57K in value. The new game will reinvent its asset balance, and early previews show Pegaxy may have a new set of skins or Pega to purchase.

The biggest problem for Pegaxy is loss of trust, due to the significant slide in NFT prices. Some of the early players also made significant NFT investments for the top tier of Pega, and the game could not recover the initial investment.

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