Pegaxy (PGX) Prepares Snapshot for Pacer Tier Owners

Pegaxy (PGX) may gain liquidity for its native tokens, making rewards for races more valuable.

Pegaxy tested mobile app access for more advanced Pega type owners.

VIS, PGX await Bitrue listing, with the potential for bigger price rally.

With mobile access, Pegaxy takes the path of Axie Infinity for wider adoption of casual play.

Pegaxy is almost finished with the snapshots of Pegas, which went by order of their tier. The first two snapshots located Founding and Legendary, then Epic and Rare Pega owners. The last on-chain snapshot is for Pacer owners, holding the most common type of Pega NFT. 

Pacers make up 75% of all Pegas based on rarity charts, and also compete for the lowest race reward pools. However, their advantage is a low NFT price and the potential to upgrade with a VIS payment to a higher tier.

Not all Pegas may be registered, as some are locked with scholars. The ownership of Pegas will be used to grant initial access to the mobile app, which may drive adoption for Pegaxy following the success scenario of Axie Infinity. At the moment, Pegaxy is an idle game and a mobile app will mean more potential players will be able to join races. Players on the current platform fell to 25.1K in 24 hours, from a peak above 45K in April. 

PGX, VIS, Aim for Better Liquidity

PGX and VIS may enter a new stage as Pegaxy is now gaining centralized listings. The tokens will appear on the Bitrue exchange, a market with daily trading above $2.2B and 100 trading pairs.

PGX rallied to $0.11 after dipping to $0.08 in the past days. The news of the mobile app and the new listing are propping up the token’s value. Still, PGX may turn extremely volatile. A higher PGX price immediately alters the P2E balance for the game, making it more meaningful as race award pools immediately appreciate.

VIS also showed its low price was mostly due to lack of exchange representation. VIS is up 20.52% to $0.0024, tracking the rapid expansion of PGX.

After the Bitrue listing on April 29, the assets may enter a new period of price discovery. The next potential listing for VIS is KuCoin, as demanded by the community. While listings do not ensure a game’s success, Pegaxy is entering a new stage with the potential of scaling and possibly closing in on the success of previous P2E hubs. 

The Pegaxy game is targeting the same scholars and communities as Axie Infinity, and may be chosen if its earnings ratio is better.

Pega NFT playable horses are now at 722.5K total, with a rising floor price of 0.007 ETH.

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