Phantasma Chain Offers New Niche Solution for Game Development

Phantasma offers a scalable L1 network with tools for developers to retain rights over games and earn passive income.
  • Phantasma offers a blockchain for owning external game accounts.
  • Developers have access to SDK and RPC, as well as tools for passive income.
  • Phantasma offers SOUL tokens for its internal ecosystem.

Phantasma is a relatively new blockchain, a L1 scalable solution to Ethereum and other networks. Phantasma is also directly targeting Web3 developers, with a focus on games. 

Phantasma combines a presence as an NFT hub for mints, and a resource for developers, who have their own section of tools. 

Phantasma offers detailed documentation for setting up a game connected to the blockchain. Additionally, Phantasma has specialized Web3 SDK, including tools for games built on the Unity engine.

Phantasma also offers fast RPC to build production-ready apps, while also earning SOUL tokens.

Phantasma Offers Income Streams for Developers

Phantasma offers technology that not only allows developers to deploy a game, but also to ensure long-term income streams. The network also offers tools to bring in assets from other NFT collections or games, achieving a Web3 exchange of value. 

Developers on Phantasma can own their games and earn from their distribution. Players can also build mini-games using the Phantasma platform, and end up reselling the whole game to other owners. 

Phantasma also offers developers a way to onboard users without gas fees. The blockchain itself aims to be sustainable with low fees. Additional tools offer the game team to sponsor all fees, so users do not need to pay for any transaction or NFT transfer.

At the same time, no Phantasma game can lose or delete assets, leaving the end user a full owner of the assets.

Pavilion Game Hub Connects to External Game Assets

The Pavilion game hub is one of the special features built on Phantasma. Pavilion is a Web3 identity for external game collections. The hub offers players to connect their Steam account and all their games, to access a trading system where all game assets can be swapped. 

External games do not need to mint NFT or integrate Web3, but players can claim ownership of their game assets and resell them to other Pavilion users. Informal gaming markets have always existed, but Phantasma and Pavilion build a Web3 version with more secure ownership and transfers.

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