Play Crabada Brings TUS Penalty to Energy Bubble Refueling

Play Crabada TUS reward token turns deflationary with burns on Swimmer Network.
  • Crabada team fixed bug with Crab breeding count after migration to Swimmer Network.
  • TUS starts burning for fees on Swimmer Network, and improves mint/burn ratio.
  • Players compete to be profitable in TUS terms despite the bear market.

Play Crabada is entering a busy period of updates, as most of the game’s assets move to Swimmer Network. From May 20, some of the game’s functionalities and the marketplace will stop working on Avalanche C-Chain, and will use solely Swimmer Network

Additionally, the game will now slightly penalize idle mining or looting. After introducing Energy Bubbles, Crabada assigns this statistic to Crabs once every 24 hours. The Energy Bubbles are meant for Battle mode, and will incur penalties if the Crab joins the idle game.

Play Crabada also issued a third fix in the past week, this time to account for breeding counts. With some of the Crabs not yet migrated, there was confusion on breeding count. Now, all Crabs should have their correct breed counts on Swimmer Network. 

The migration is immediately reflected in gas usage, as Crabada now only takes up 1.96% of Avalanche C-Chain gas, and will soon leave more network capacity for other projects. However, game activity is temporary down to just 1,190 players. The player count may be due to the activity shift to a network not yet fully tracked by DappRadar.

TUS, CRA Aim for Recovery

After the news of the migration, Crabada (CRA) rose to $0.10, up around 5% in the past day. Treasure Under Sea (TUS) is at $0.004, still making it a bit cheaper to buy TUS instead of buying Crabs to play and earn. However, TUS burns will happen as Swimmer Network grows, giving some support to the token. 

TUS has also shown signs of new mints lower than the burn rate, making the token slightly deflationary. With the battle game and the building of account experience, Crabada will become more competitive and possibly lead to more meaningful earnings.

With TUS at a low price range, there are still players and guilds going in for breeding, renting and reselling. For some, the game’s goal is to be profitable in TUS and CRA, going for the long term game and not cashing out at the current price.

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