How to Set Up MetaMask Wallet for Swimmer Network

Play Crabada opened Swimmer Network on May 13, 2022.

Play Crabada, one of the most popular idle and battle games on Avalanche C-Chain, recently started migrating its resources to a native subnet. The new chain, called Swimmer Network, will require TUS tokens for gas fees. 

Swimmer Network is necessary for ongoing Play Crabada operations. NFT items are now only offered on Swimmer Network, and can be bridged only once. Swimmer Network also carries CRA and TUS tokens, as well as CRAM staking tokens. 

Adding Swimmer Network to MetaMask

The MetaMask wallet can add custom networks, including Avalanche subnets. 

The MetaMask wallet offers a dropdown menu to change networks. Once the wallet is set up for a new network, it will be available as an option. 

To add the network, select the Add Network option and add the credentials. The network data should only be verified with Crabada’s own page, to avoid linking to a compromised network. MetaMask will also do its own checks when accessing the Crabada marketplace. 

Avoid solicitations from messages or Discord channels to buy tokens or NFT assets. Avoid connecting to unchecked sites. Make sure you are switching back to the right network to use assets. Only TUS and CRA can be bridged back to Avalanche, and Swimmer Network acceptance for trading may arrive soon.

Swimmer Network build up more than 8,200 new addresses, adding around 2,000 new wallets per day during the migration. The network is still in an early stage and will grow along with Crabada.  

The network distributed two-second blocks, which are secured similar to C-Chain, through a dynamic set of selected validators. Swimmer Network will also perform regular partial TUS burns, while redistributing some of the token as fees.

Swimmer Network had a total of 4 token types as of May 2022: TUS, CRA, CRAM and Wrapped TUS. Crabada has not yet built its native exchange, and still depends on Avalanche decentralized exchanges, which include Pangolin and Trader Joe.

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