Qredo Network Specializes in Cross-Chain Settlement Tools for Web3 Developers

Qredo is now testing its Qsign multi-chain service for calling to smart contracts on different blockchains through one account.
  • Qredo is a hub for DeFi, offering an upcoming multi-chain tool for Web3 apps.
  • Qsign is still in technology preview, offering asset management for multiple chains through one account.
  • Qredo is targeting businesses, but also offers API and tools for Web3 developer teams.

Cross-chain events are key for the smooth adoption of Web3, where end users do not want to go into the details of bridging, waiting for transactions to clear, or having problems with stuck funds. New technologies are arising to boost the availability of cross-chain settlement, which combines networks compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Cross-chain settlement allows for games to exist on fast and cheap chains, while also having access to the Ethereum ecosystem for swaps or trading. 

Qredo is now expanding its services after a partnership with Etherspot, a one-point access platform for smart contracts. 


Qredo started out by targeting traders and the end users of DeFi, but has expanded to include Web3 developers. Games keep looking for ways to give swapping options without complicating their structure. 

Qredo recently started to offer its specialized tool that allows users to sign transactions with the potential to move between chains. There is no need to deposit funds to bridges or take extra steps. 

At this point, the Qredo features are targeting end users, but there are also detailed documents for developers. Qredo solutions are also targeted at regular banks, exchanges, protocols and platforms, as well as Web3 startups. Qredo cross-chain technology can be used both for payment tokens, and for the ETH-compatible NFT standard.

Qredo Offers API, Wallet Services

The Qredo developer guides contains some of the basics for connecting a Web3 app to multiple blockchains. Developers may rely on API calls tools for authentication purposes, including secure signing. 

Qredo also offers tools to create a Web3 wallet, with the potential for pre-approved wallets to participate in airdrops or NFT sales. 

The flagship of Qredo will be Qsign, which is still in a pre-launch technology review stage. The main feature of Qsign will be the ability to execute smart contracts across different blockchains. This will allow users to manage assets on two different chains through one account. The Qsign capabilities mean games may avoid the costly and difficult migrations to a new chain, with an easier double-chain usage of NFT and tokens.

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