Quicknode Offers a Simulated Journey for Web3 Developers

Quicknode offers speed tests, as well as specialized paid services for no-lag calls to DeFi protocols, NFT data and more.
  • Quicknode is a highly developed source of API and fast calls to more than 22 blockchains.
  • Quicknode offers specialized API for general blockchain queries, as well as for NFT and tokens.
  • Web3 developers have a special speed testing portal, as well as documentation and training resources.

Quicknode is an established, comprehensive resource base for Web3 developers. Recently, Quicknode also added AI assistance, while wrapping its available tools with testing capabilities. For years, Quicknode supported blockchain startups, finally becoming a scalable source of fast access and data, now usable in Web3 projects. 

Quicknode offers Web3 developers the opportunity to access timely data, and even NFT images, so they can deploy all features on their app. 

Quicknode is a relatively old blockchain startup, launched in 2017, and now evolving as a Web3 resource. Qucknode was prominent enough to raise as much as $100M in its token sale based on token valuations from 2017.

Quicknode Offers Fast API for Blockchain Data

Quicknode offers fast API access to build up Web3 apps with timely data from multiple blockchains. For this feature, Quicknode is a resource on par with Alchemy, offering access to Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, and others for a list of 22 blockchains in total.

All the API are separated by their task specifics, starting with general call API for leading blockchains. Quicknode also offers specialized NFT API, putting all needed data in one place. With this tool, developers will not need to scour specific NFT smart contracts, and will be able to gain better information on trading, prices and images. 

With NFT API, Quicknode allows builders to integrate NFT markets for easier trading. Additional token API focuses on fungible blockchain assets, fetching both token and wallet details for the ERC-20 token standard.

Quicknode also offers a growing list of add-ons, or specialized tools for blockchain tasks. The add-ons range from free to subscription-based, and aim to bring app teams the best access to blockchains. One of the free add-ons offers flashbot protection against frontrunning transactions, making user actions competitive again. 

For developers, Quicknode offers detailed documentation of all its tools, as well as training resources. Additionally, Quicknode offers a testing portal for connectivity speed for multiple supported blockchains. The goal of Quicknode is to offer a fast entry point into blockchains, inviting developers to launch their own end point node and access high-quality, free or exclusive services.

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