Goldragon Offers Fun-First Web3 Game with New Tournament Opportunities

Goldragon is a game-first collection of mini-games, with upcoming P2E earnings based on a win-to-earn model.
  • Godragon is a collection of mini-games requiring reflexes and skill.
  • New leaderboards announced every Monday, with weekly challenges to get to the top.
  • Goldragon aims to become a popular mobile game, using a successful Web2 model with earnings coming soon.

Goldragon is a dragon-themed game with potential earnings and a new balance of effort and assets. The game also centers around NFT dragons, which can be fully owned. 

Goldragon uses the model of easy to start, hard to master games, being open to anyone that is up for a challenge. The Goldragon project brings together five mini-games, relying on skill and strategy. The gameplay mixes up racing, reflex and skill games and puzzlers for a fun-first experience focused on gamers. 

The Goldragon game first had a soft launch from the end of April, already running one competitive season. Just days ago, Goldragon also runs a full P2E platform based on the existing competitive features.

Goldragon has a simple model to retain players – all games tally scores and are competitive. The period of comparing achievements is relatively short, with ongoing weekly challenges. This way, players have the incentive to join games often and complete as many rounds as possible. Leaderboards will tally the points from all games, and will distribute the weekly prize pool.

Goldragon Offers Semi-Idle Reflex Game

One of the main gameplay mechanics is a point-and-click mechanic to capture rare creatures and earn bonus points. Players must aim to capture the largest fish out of a pond of common creatures, or hold down a dragon to clear the level. 

The relatively simple game is already showing increasing competition as the last week’s leaderboards were revealed.

Goldragon is just starting out as a mobile app, with downloads in the hundreds for Android players. The game’s goal is to be maximally immersive and continually challenging, with top-notch graphics. Semi-idle play in short matches and rounds is also possible.

The game is also available for traditional signup via email and username. Goldragon is just starting out with the potential for NFT and token distribution, turning in-game achievements into blockchain assets. Goldragon is one of the indicators that P2E gaming may make a return, while using the model of successful Web2 games, with an immediate launch instead of going through a long pre-development period.

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