Rabbids Official Arrives to The Sandbox Metaverse

The Sandbox now comes with a metaverse estate dedicated to The Rabbids Officia.

The Sandbox, one of the most rapidly expanding metaverse locations, has added an appealing new look to its estates. The Sandbox extended its partnership with Ubisoft to add The Rabbids characters to its metaverse. 


The Rabbids, a game holding up its appeal for 15 years, is bringing voxel characters and mischief to The Sandbox metaverse land plot.


The announcement arrived just as The Sandbox made a preliminary announcement of its upcoming Season 2.


As part of the partnership, Ubisoft will own an estate in the Sandbox metaverse. This is not the first foray of Ubisoft into blockchain games, NFTs, and play to earn. The company added NFT items to its Ghost Recon game, with limited availability for US buyers. For now, Ubisoft is only tentatively joining the trend, while keeping most of its games within the bounds of traditional scoring. 

The Sandbox Partners with ChainGames

Another recent partnership of The Sandbox includes ChainGames. This partnership extends NFT usability between The Sandbox game and the playable worlds of ChainGames. Moving NFT items between games is one of the leading potential use cases to preserve value with game achievements.

ChainGames is a Web 3.0 project with presence on Ethereum and Polygon. After the partnership, the CHAIN token will also be active as a source of earnings on The Sandbox metaverse plots.

So far, The Sandbox has relied on partners and special plot owners to provide metaverse content, with the goal of opening voxel item creation and plot decoration to a mass audience.

SAND Token Bullish on Usage Growth

The price of SAND is near the lower range at $3.89, failing to rally above $5 again. SAND remains bearish when it comes to trading decisions, but bullish based on indicators of network growth. 

SAND trading volumes are almost constant in the past month at around $1B, with no significant upticks. Play to earn assets remain volatile in the past months, failing to rally to new highs. Some of the bearish attitudes see SAND fall even further. 


SAND now has Polygon-based staking open, with the potential to bring passive income and keep some coins off exchanges.

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