Reta Wars Prepares for Open Beta Launch on July 25

Reta Wars is a complex two-token game economy where strategy and voting help to avoid resource over-production.
  • Open beta will start with a two-week testing period, with no assets accrued in real wallets.
  • The game is ready to test its product with a mass open audience and no limits to participation.
  • RETA token rallies to $0.92 after launch.

Reta Wars, an NFT strategy game, is planning to launch in open beta this July 25. The game aims to create tension by pitting two organizations of token owners (DAO) against each other in a battle for game results and earnings.

Reta Wars is one of the trending and promising games on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has prioritized product-building to more active marketing. The game is one of the few that has become ready to be tested by an unlimited gamer audience in open beta. 

The initial launch will go through a two-week gameplay with main-net assets. During that period, the 1.0 version of the game will be played as it would in the official launch, but players will not retain their assets. Instead, at the end of the test, their balances will be reset. The current launch is thus still far from a full P2E functionality for the game.

The gameplay centers around Territory, a range of land given to each player. They also hire Heroes with different stats and abilities, trying to make the most of their land. Reta Wars has retained some users of its smart contracts, mostly based on NFT, with around 23 active users per day ahead of the beta launch. 

Reta Wars Uses Complex Tokenomics to Avoid Inflation

The native RETA token is still spread to only around 533 addresses, with the potential to bring earlier adoption. RETA has a limited supply of 7.3M tokens, with a potential to command a higher price if listed on exchanges.

RETA started trading at the end of June and is one of the few gaming tokens to rally just out of the gate. The token is only traded against BUSD on PancakeSwap, hence even a small injection of liquidity can affect the price. RETA trades at $0.91 after breaking out from around $0.20.

Golden Rose (GRT) is the in-game token that can be earned in strictly defined ways. The game’s tokenomics is trying to limit token production and rely on players’ governance. Resource gathering and allocation in the game is not idle and depends on strategic decisions and voting.

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