Vulcan Forged: Is This the Hottest Land Staking

Vulcan Forged remains one of the busy ecosystems hosting multiple mini-games. VulcanVerse and Berserker attract the most users.
  • Berserk Season 2 user count grows rapidly.
  • LAVA still awaits price discovery.
  • Elysium test coming next Wednesday.

Vulcan Forged is one of the metaverse games offering one of the best-rewarded land staking mechanisms. After the latest land plot update, most of the Land is in staking, with few plots showing up on the secondary market. 

The Vulcanverse has already sold multiple worlds, though most remained idle or are used for passive income. Land in the game may have greater value down the line, encouraging early investors to hold. Additional land has been unlocked in the past few days, this time for the Troy extension. 

But Vulcan Forged is not growing only in terms of metaverse token mints. The next big launch is the Elysium network, which will carry most of the game’s features, additional smaller games and third-party creations. 

Testing for Elysium will begin soon, with the network offering new node opportunities for both small and big stakers. 

The move to Elysium will also offer price setting mechanisms for the LAVA token, as well as a use case as a payment tool for transactions.

Berserk Season 2 Takes Off

Just days after the relaunch of Berserk as a downloadable game, players are flocking to Season 2. 

Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed hosts 134 on-chain players based on DappRadar data. The game is just starting out and may become one of the busiest in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. The game season, which started on July 11, also has a leaderboard with end of season prizes. During the game, more bugs will be cleared, preparing Berserk to launch on the Elysium network. 

The VulcanVerse still carries around 685 players per day, with another 580 for the Vulcan marketplace. Smaller games are still less busy, though may be hosting more significant off-chain traffic.

PYR, the game’s native token, stabilized around $3.06, still far from its peak above $44. LAVA is still untraded, existing as an in-game token with future utility. On Polygon, 3,536 addresses contain LAVA.

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