Spells of Genesis: Special Packages Still Available for In-Game Advantage

Spells of Genesis is one of the olders blockchain games with card collection, offering high-value ownership of digital items.

Spells of Genesis is a card and battle game, which recently added a Web3 dimension. The game is now trending after bringing a special event with starter packs and resources. Spells of Genesis spread out its mobile app with a simple and proven model, mixing deck-building with a point-and-shoot game. 

Now, players of Spells of Genesis can add a special package, after adding the curated NFT items of ChainChronicles. Spells of Genesis is considered a pioneering game for the blockchain space, with closely held NFT from the past few years.


Players can subscribe for a full year to Chain Chronicles, to compete for the chance of winning a Satoshilite high-value NFT. The subscription packs will also include multiple items from Spells of Genesis and Chain Chronicles. Joining the game requires a deck of cards, and the current packages offer both a discount and advantages with multiple tiers. 


The Chain Chronicles subscription also allows players to receive valuable items without doing direct research of rarity. The Spells of Genesis game uses an integrated wallet, and receiving the packs will be seamless. 

Chain Chronicles: Long-Running Blockchain Game

Spells of Genesis has been around for years, tracking the early history of blockchain projects, including Ethereum. The issuance of cards started long before the boom of Web3 in its latest versions. 

This makes Spells of Genesis well-rooted in the blockchain ecosystem. But the game is also adding new partnerships with interoperable game universes. 


The main advantage of Spells of Genesis is that all the NFT value is derived from in-game utility, as well as a dedication to ensuring rarity and interest for each card. 


The Spells of Genesis history cards now get extended through the Chain Chronicles subscription. Chain Chronicles specializes in producing NFT and other art, often tied to blockchain events. The NFT track and reflect high-profile, notable Bitcoin events, as well as the consensus and curious records of other blockchains.

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