StarMon Metaverse Game Marks Launch Day

StarMon Metaverse is now open for play, aiming to become one of the top 3D NFT collectible games on Binance Smart Chain.

The StarMon Metaverse game is the latest to launch in play to earn space. StarMon is a Pokemon-inspired 3D collectible game, promising to become one of the widely spread memes for crypto-based gaming. 

StarMon met its December 29 deadline to launch, becoming one of the ready-to-play Binance Smart Chain games.

StarMon is an example there is still place for games resembling Axie Infinity, but using BSC for speed. The game also enters its first stage of breeding new character generations, with the potential for both NFT earnings and reward tokens. 

What is the SMON Token

The SMON token is an asset based on BSC, showing a collection of 10,366 addresses. SMON is a brand-new token, which started trading in mid-December, just weeks before the game launch. 

SMON trades around $2.77 following a brief spike close to $10. The asset is still in its price discovery stage, and the news of the game launch have not yet caused the price to reawaken. 

SMON, like other BSC tokens, has the possibility to gain liquidity on PancakeSwap. SMON is listed on this DEX, though still trying to gain any meaningful liquidity. Through the game SMON can also be staked for yield farming through YooShi Farms 2.0. 

StarMon Introduces NFT Mining

The StarMon game also introduces another play to earn mechanic – the NFT mining. Owners of Genesis NFTs, or the earliest collection of characters, can stake their items and earn SMON rewards. 

The mechanic is similar to breeding, but it puts an incentive on not selling the NFTs. Rewards depend on how many cards are staked. SMON can also be locked for passive rewards, and the earnings depend on the pool to be distributed. 

The StarMon game is still developing and adding new players, and it is possible the play to earn potential changes over time. 

BSC is one of the most active blockchains, with more than 2,400 apps registered on DappRadar. The network is one of the most active in hosting new play to earn projects. However, completed games are more rare and many BSC projects require caution before investing in tokens or NFTs.

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