Boson Protocol Streamlines E-Commerce for Web3

Boson Protocol offers fast listings for end users, as well as tools to create new storefronts on the web or in games and metaverses.
  • Web3 commerce can span online storefronts, as well as features within metaverses or games.
  • Boson Protocol has a native selling app, but also offers developers a chance to build new storefronts.
  • Boson Protocol creates an NFT for each item in its marketplaces.

Web3 rides on the back of a well-developed crypto infrastructure. This allows for multiple payment systems and fintech-like apps. Boson Protocol takes the features a step further, integrating them with decentralized apps and Web3

Boson Protocol allows for the creation of payment systems similar to online stores but also integrates payments in games, apps, and marketplaces. The payment tools are viable for NFT onboarding, as well as for physical swag. Boson Protocol targets native Web3 builders, as well as existing businesses and fashion brands.

Boson Protocol is targeting Web3 teams that want to start selling as fast as possible, reaching the widest audience. The hub uses WalletConnect and MetaMask for the easiest setup, targeting legacy crypto users. 

The Boson app is already functioning, offering a mixed marketplace of digital and physical listings. The protocol accepts payments in USDT and USDC for more intuitive pricing. 

Boson Turns All Items into Redeemable NFT

What makes Boson different is that each item sold on the marketplace is also digitized as NFT. Any seller can connect a wallet, and not only list, but also mint their items. Boson Protocol thus aims to become the e-commerce layer of Web3. 

The other feature is that each item also works as a Redeemable NFT, meaning sellers can delay delivery. What end users buy is the redeemable NFT, which can then be exchanged for an actual item. 

In addition to the Boson marketplace, Web3 teams can build their own dCommerce, or Decentralized Commerce apps and create their own storefront of listings. The Boson tools also offer the creation of a loyalty program, where NFT earned in a game or through social media can be exchanged for physical swag or rewards.

Boson accepts items and NFT originating from NFT collections, as well as from the metaverse or games. The protocol carries an offer and redemption system, as well as a merchant dispute system. Boson can also power NFT storefronts in the metaverse and allows governance or even a sharing economy.

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