The Unfettered Listed on Steam as Pre-Release Game Title

The Unfettered will build a game with NFT and SOULS tokens for potential in-game or staking income.
  • The Unfettered will be a PC dark fantasy game built on Unreal Engine 4.
  • The game will partner with GameFi hubs to sell its tokens and NFT.
  • There is still no set date for launch, but the project is worth watching for early access.

The Unfettered is another high-grade game with a blockchain component. Recently, the game was listed on Steam in the wishlist section, waiting for the official release. Only a handful of blockchain games have reached Steam, among them the products of Gala Games. But The Unfettered aims to have enough appeal both for the world of gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

The game will be a dark fantasy set in a post-apocalyptic world, and will be built on Unreal Engine 4. 

For now, the game is still in development and is working on plans for its GameFi side. The Unfettered plans to issue the SOULS in-game token, through well-known launchpads. One of the main upcoming token sales to watch would be on GameFi.Org, a major IDO platform featuring high-profile projects.

Once the game launches, all consumable or permanent items will be wrapped as NFT. The Unfettered gives few details at this early stage. The game will target the PC market and is currently polishing its design and world elements.

The Unfettered has chosen the path of games like Undead Blocks, creating a complex high-grade product with an earnings element. However, this project may be riskier as it is still in development. 

What Unfettered Offers

The Unfettered game promises to be detailed and challenging. To compensate for that, the game team focuses on the design and details, to make each attempt more fun. 

For now, The Unfettered does not share details on how in-game activities will translate into earnings. The game will not follow the idle model or automated-action model of other P2E games, but rely fully on skills.

The Unfettered Uses Breeder DAO for its GameFi

At this stage, The Unfettered game partners with Breeder DAO, one of the more established GameFi decentralized organizations. 

BreederDAO is a hub for NFT mints and staking, allowing projects to bring users and lock in value. 

The hub partners with multiple games to bring them a more complex GameFi element, without requiring each one to create complex tools.

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