Thetan Arena: Adding New Battle Mechanics to Tap E-Sports Niche

Thetan Arena aims to rebuild audience after maintenance period.

Thetan Arena, a PvP MOBA play to earn game, announced updates to its battles to tap a form of e-sports gameplay.

The Custom Battle feature will transform Thetan Arena and its champions into e-sports players. For the first time, the new custom battle feature was tested for a tournament with participants from Africa, with a prize pool of $10,000. 

Thetan Arena Ends Maintenance Period

Despite the social media hype, Thetan Arena recently faced delays after a prolonged game maintenance period. The game resumes as of March 1, but users still warn of bugs and problems with running the promised updates.

Thetan Arena remains one of the more active games on Binance Smart Chain and more recently, the Kardia blockchain. Thetan Arena remains one of the promising games for 2022, though still facing headwinds with player numbers. 

Thetan Arena Opens Mystery Box Offer

Thetan Arena will run its Special Box event until March 5, with new characters available.

At this point, the effect of the box event will be uncertain, as secondary demand for Thetan Arena characters has slowed. The game is only represented by less than 10 items on OpenSea, with most NFT items sold on the game’s native marketplace.

As with other games, an oversupply of characters may be a problem for the game. Thetan characters still command prices as high as 2,500 USDT, though the game also has a free to play option.

THG Token Still at All-Time Lows

THG, the native asset of Thetan Arena, has not seen a breakout in weeks. Currently, the asset is close to its low range at $1.40, after falling from a peak above $20. Play to earn tokens continue to have setbacks. THG is one of the few play to earn tokens to arrive relatively early and gain at least some centralized listings. 

THG is listed on, an exchange dedicated to listing less prominent altcoins, with several other listings on smaller exchanges. THG also has a PancakeSwap pair ensured by the token’s presence on Binance Smart Chain.

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