Vulcan Forged Ecosystem Grows to 39 Running and Planned Games

Vulcan Forged may invite 39 games to join Elysium network.
  • Vulcan Forged runs new metaverse building competition for best construction.
  • Berserk Season 2 to arrive on July 11 as a PC downloadable app.
  • PYR recovers above $2.50 after tokens are locked for node operation.

Vulcan Forged is turning into one of the potentially large game ecosystems, especially based on the Elysium network. Preliminary results show up to 39 projects have picked the network to develop their games. 

Elysium will also take up the supply of PYR tokens, locking 40% of the supply in upcoming tiers of several types of verification nodes. The migration to the new network may happen in the coming months. 

The snapshot and locking of PYR also affected the market price, giving it a boost above $2.50 and stopping last week’s slide. At this price range, nodes with PYR may also be more affordable, creating an incentive to buy and stake the tokens. 

Inside the game, LAVA production continues, using the token for in-game items. For now, LAVA is yet to be traded and set a market price.

Berserk Season 2 Launches on July 11

Berserk, the NFT game in the Vulcan metaverse, is now opening its second season. 

Berserk has grown to be a bigger game, now existing as a dedicated PC downloadable app. The browser-based game has been impossible to hold all the ideas of the Vulcan Forged team. 

The Berserk game comes after a long waiting period, finally launching the competitive season on July 11. Inside the game, players will have a shop unlock mechanic, which will require in-game LAVA tokens. 

Berserk will contain new cards, cosmetic items, and emotes. This season will run without leaderboards to keep track of all matches, and will be more of a testing competition. During the game, players will be able to acquire new cards with never seen extension packs. Using either XP points or LAVA, cards can be upgraded for more power and a new look with a golden border.

Players of Berserk can expect end-of-season prizes in PYR, LAVA and NFT items. The exact prizes will be determined toward the end of the playing time, based on market fluctuations. Berserk allows for the creation of in-game NFT, which can be resold on the marketplace.

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