Thirdweb Launches Mobile SDK for Web3 Builders

Thirdweb offers speedier Web3 app development
  • Thirdweb offers a growing package of services to speed up the building of Web3 apps and games.
  • The platform has Unity SDK for multiple platforms and blockchains.
  • Thirdweb offers RPC for some of the most widely used blockchains for gaming.

Thirdweb recently expanded its package for developers, offering mobile SDK for Web3 features and games. Thirdweb is one of the newly introduced platforms for Web3 solutions, which has been growing and marketing itself in 2023.

Thirdweb is prominent for offering cutting-edge technologies for in-demand apps, including online shop and marketplace SDK. Thirdweb is also keen on offering seamless onboarding and no-fee transactions, hence its wallet technology that requires no additional steps on the side of players.

Thirdweb is also offering Zero-Knowledge (zk) access to Ethereum scaling, for potentially confidential transactions. 

The zkEVM technology was taken up by other hubs for Web3 resources like ConsenSys, which offer secure decentralized infrastructure with app scalability. 

Thirdweb utilizes Polygon to create Ethereum-compatible smart contracts and deploy apps. The toolsets offered include Solidity SDK for the native EVM smart contract creation, as well as React SDK. Other resources include pre-made modules in Python, Go and JavaScript. Additionally, Thirdweb is one of the hubs for Unity SDK, to build complex games with blockchain connectivity, NFT and other features. Thirdweb offers a Unity game package, with the potential for multi-platform games and access to all partner blockchains.

Thirdweb Offers Fast Connection to Leading Blockchains

Thirdweb also offers another key feature for Web3 developers, a series of RPC to connect to the biggest networks. RPC offers node-less access for apps that do not want to invest in running nodes for multiple networks. RPC is also important for fast blockchain data, used for reliable NFT trading.

Thirdweb RPC include Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche C-Chain and others, including major testnets. The Thirdweb smart contract packages also include publishing to the selected network, in addition to pre-made and tested contracts.

The contracts offered aggregate some of the most common use cases, to save time for game developers. Additionally, Thirdweb offers monetization tools, which can be integrated into any game and offer various forms of passive income to both the players and the developer team. Thirdweb helps build most of the common types of Web3 games, including P2E, free-to-earn, NFT games and other models.

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