ThirdWeb: Building the Universally Compatible Web3 Network

ThirdWeb is a platform-agnostic toolset, compatible with most large blockchains that offer Web3 support.
  • ThirdWeb offers free, open-source SDK and smart contract tools for third-party teams.
  • The platform offers a faster workflow, smart contract deployment, and publication for preview.
  • ThirdWeb has tools for e-commerce, gaming, and NFT mints and marketplaces.

ThirdWeb is another recent addition to technologies for Web3 app deployment. Third Web advertises itself as the network for commercial apps, but also calls for wider adoption and building in the Web3 space. 

ThirdWeb offers an intuitive dashboard, SDK and access to smart contracts, compatible with all networks building distributed apps for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

ThirdWeb offers all its tools as open source and fully permissionless, with no barriers to new teams using the technology. ThirdWeb will have no claim on the contracts and apps built using its technology. ThirdWeb also has an easy tool for generating new smart contracts, with templates to generate a DAO, marketplace, or other already common features of a Web3 project.

ThirdWeb also supports SDK for apps built using JavaScript, Python, Unity, C# and Go. Developers can simplify their workflow with SDK snippets. Smart contracts are also made discoverable for public preview, reaching an estimated community of up to 70K developers. The tools are available for any type of contract, deployed on any chain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

ThirdWeb Offers Game Tools, Shopping, and NFT Minting

ThirdWeb has three main branches for building apps. One is a toolset to integrate Web3 into e-commerce, for potential selling points for NFT and other blockchain-based assets. The other main branch is a Game Kit, with contracts suitable for P2E games. The Game Kit has been created in partnership with Coinbase, which recently launched Base, its own platform for Web3 builds. The e-commerce and shopping kit is built in partnership with Shopify.

The Gaming Kit allows teams to create the preferred form of monetization, with tokens or NFT royalties for resales. Game builders can also add ownership for in-game assets. The NFT from one game can be made compatible across an array of games, making up a completed metaverse, and ownership can be tied to perks and rewards.

Deploying apps and contracts on ThirdWeb will be free, with the exception of voluntary advanced features. There will also be tools to optimize transaction fees where they apply for compatible networks.

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