Top 10 Hubs for Web3 Developer Positions: Careers, Tasks and Connections for Web3 Talent

Positions come from both established projects like Binance or ChainLink, and from newly launched Web3 games and apps.
  • Web3 employment focuses on flexibility, with tools to find both advanced and beginner positions.
  • Web3 positions often offer remote work to build worldwide teams.
  • In addition to developers, Web3 demand is rising for marketing, content and customer-oriented roles.

One of the side effects of Web3 is the aggregation of developer talent. Some of the DAO available are working on creating employment opportunities. But there are also dedicated hubs for project-based and gig work targeting the new cohort of Web3 developers. The opportunities differ, but mark the creation of communities and the potential to create more apps and games.

Binance Jobs: Blockchain with Web3 Niche

Binance is a one-stop shop for all things blockchain, with an emphasis on Web3 lately. Binance itself remains one of the biggest employers in the crypto space, and some of the new positions are directly related to demand for Web3 talent.

Still, most of the Web3 jobs on Binance’s sites are related to the exchange’s main business and side projects, such as Binance NFT, launchpad and other features.

ChainLink: Chance to Become Developer Expert

ChainLink is one of the key resources for Web3, though its oracle services. The hub is also offering internal positions for building up its network. 

ChainLink also offers a specialized program for developers, where they can join the community as experts and gain a profile boost in Web3 space.

ConsenSys Careers: The Pulse of Web3

ConsenSys has always been a staple in cryptocurrency space, and its employment opportunities are a barometer for the industry’s latest developments. As one of the largest blockchain companies, ConsenSys has gone through several hiring cycles, and now hosts open positions for Web3. 

ConsenSys hosts roles in DeFi, cryptography, as well as advanced positions for projects based on all major blockchains. 

Cryptocurrency Jobs: Wide Selection of Projects is a one-stop shop for straightforward announcements. The hub hosts positions from all ecosystems, and mixes development jobs with additional positions in marketing or communications. 

The positions are both backend and consumer-facing, with high demand for senior developers. Some of the positions are not specifically for Web3 projects, but may include NFT and other features of decentralized ownership.

ImmutableX Job Board: Reflecting the Growth

ImmutableX is a growing hub for Web3 services, starting out with NFT and games. ImmutableX searches for multiple mid-range and senior developer positions. ImmutableX also has a referral program searching for Web3 talent. 

ImmutableX also offers assistance through a developer profile, where Web3 builders can become part of the community and receive technical assistance.

Web3 Jobs: Positions for Ethereum and Other Platforms

Web3 Jobs works as an aggregator of positions, which are also grouped by belonging to blockchains, for instance, Ethereum. Web3 Jobs remains one of the most encompassing resources, also including customer-facing positions, communications and social media roles. 

Web3 Jobs also offers different tiers, starting out with positions suitable for beginner Web3 developers, as well as internships. The hub also hosts training materials for those that are just starting out with Web3. 

Crypto Jobs List: Web3 and Blockchain Positions

A relatively older resource, Crypto Jobs List has been featured by Coinmarketcap as one of the sources for Web3 positions. This hub aggregates positions directly from the project pages, with a diverse list of both large and small blockchains. 

The positions go beyond demands for developers and also include marketing and customer roles. Some of the listings come from game projects, showing an interest from mainstream gaming for Web3 talent.

Gitcoin: Freelance Positions and Bug Bounties

For part-time positions and one-off chances for bug bounties, Gitcoin is one of the established hubs, coming from a relatively older blockchain project. Gitcoin also calls for contributions to open source projects, and regularly posts a simple list of short-term opportunities.

The opportunities go with bounties as high as 500K USDT promised and offer complex issues on blockchain and Web3 projects.

Coinmarketcap Jobs: Listings from Partners

Coinmarketcap also aggregates blockchain positions from partner organizations. The listings include organizational roles in big blockchain projects, often linked to senior positions in marketing or development. 

The listings are fewed, but of higher quality, showing a few positions per month.

Remote3: Work on Web3 from Anywhere

Remote work has been established as a viable alternative to tap global Web3 talent. Remote3 focuses on Web3 positions that can be done from anywhere. With more Web3 projects springing up, Remote3 hosts around 2,500 jobs, ranging from developers to designers and Web3 educators.

Developers can also build up a profile and reputation on the platform, raising the chance of being matched with a position. 

Web3 employment varies by project and extends the previous hiring rounds in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. But with Web3, additional talent is wanted specifically for smart contract creation and for building the next wave of games and NFT projects. The presence of job hubs is also a tool to gauge the expansion of the Web3 sector, and the demand for experts.

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