COMBO Rebrand Brings More Scalability Solutions for Web3

COMBO is a new Layer 2 solution for Binance Smat Chain, coming on testnet by the end of April.
  • COMBO is a rebranded set of tools, partners with the Cocos gaming engine.
  • COMBO will release testnet tools by the end of April.
  • The hub offers scalable solutions for Binance Smart Chain with Optimism rollups.

Cocos BCX is now rebranded to COMBO, bringing new scalability solutions for Web3 developers. The COMBO tools aim to bring scalability specifically to gaming projects.

COMBO aims to join the list of Layer 2 solutions for Web3 and game scaling. Layer 2 solutions gained traction with ImmutableX and Polygon, making the Ethereum ecosystem larger, but without the gas fee wars. COMBO is offering a similar service for Binance Smart Chain, with scalable tools at the speed of game and app usage. 

The COMBO toolset has been around since 2017, and has achieved bridging and compatibility with existing blockchains. COMBO also partners with most data-driven hubs for Web3, as well as with security leaders like Certik. COMBO tools are compatible with Trust Wallet, the Binance access point for tokens and NFT, as well as with Math Wallet. 

COMBO Aims to Onboard 1B Web3 Users

COMBO is just starting out in its new approach to Web3, announcing its new brand and tools at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. The end goals are ambitious – to achieve mass onboarding of Web3 users.

COMBO will offer an Optimism-based rollup, which would offer scalability that is especially suited to gaming. By the end of April, COMBO aims to launch its tools on a testnet, later making them available for developers as live options.

COMBO Partners with Crypto Leaders, Cocos Game Engine

So far, COMBO has achieved multiple partnerships in crypto space and the gaming world, including Cocos Engine IDE.

The COMBO tools will also be available for other blockchains. BSC remains a relatively fast tool by itself, though much faster with the rollup, or off-chain computation that is then secured on the main network.

The gaming capabilities of COMBO are tied to its partnership with the Cocos game engine, which is widely used in 2D and 3D products. Cocos offers 3D character creation, as well as whole-game features that speed up development.

The COMBO rebrand and current marketing show there is more innovation in Web3 space, going beyond Ethereum and searching for connections to traditional gaming.

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