Metakingdom: Beta Test This Metaverse Game with Building and Conquest Missions

Metakingdom is built on Binance Smart Chain, with a small internal marketplace for NFT cards.
  • metaMetakingdom launched during peak times for NFT hype.
  • The game combines metaverse, resource gameplay and conquering missions.
  • Metakingdom METAK token still not listed on exchanges.

Metakingdom is a currently trending game that takes the most in-demand elements from various types of P2E games. Players start out with land and cultivation, later generating troops and going on a conquest mission. All of the Metakingdom elements can be found in varied games like Alien Worlds, Ancient Cities, Tiny Worlds and others. 

In the case of Metakingdom, the game offers a playful fantasy world with complex lore.

The game is listed as a beta-stage P2E, with players still asked for feedback. Metakingdom is a game in progress, with potential bugs and changes ahead. Metakingdom held its first beta test in March, with roughly one event each month. The game is overdue for another testing event with potential NFT rewards, so it is best to follow the project’s official social media. 

Metakingdom is headed by Mark Hopkins in the role of CEO. Hopkins is a long-term crypto veteran and has gathered a Singapore-based team of experts to produce both the gaming side and the NFT and tokenization side of the metaverse game.

The game raised funds with an Initial NFT Offering (INO) in April, and it aims to popularize itself with partnerships. The NFT sale happened in the spring of 2022, with peak enthusiasm leading to more than $500K raised as reported by the game team. 

Additionally, the game holds the occasional beta tournament to boost participation. In the past months, Metakingdom held a series of private placements on its NFT cards, building a community of early adopters. 

The game uses Binance Smart Chain, which holds the METAK native token. For now, the asset does not show distribution to end user wallets based on blockchain data. When fully released, the game will have NFT and GameFi features as a source of earnings. For now, the game is slowly gathering momentum with social media presence, expecting further developments to turn it into a mainstream game. 

Metakingdom still has to prove itself and fully launch its token. Currently, private sale NFT cards have asking prices as high as 0.5 BNB.

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