Illuvium: New Development with 40 Game Asset Leaks

Illuvium (ILV) showed 40 in-game developments and designs from the past month, with skins and terrain staging.
  • Illuvium showed more skin and terrain improvements and rendering for the game’s universe.
  • ILV token sinks under $90 as game’s DeFi model faced difficulties.
  • Illuvium still uses Ethereum due to relatively few on-chain interactions.

Illuvium, one of the most ambitious Web3 games, is still in the limited beta stage for testing. At the same time, Illuvium continues building up its game assets, with a focus on artwork and in-game features. 

The game team is also working on the environment to be rendered on Unreal Engine 5. Illuvium is also working on the arena features and battle boards, with different concepts for multiple in-game worlds. The Illuvium team is now connecting all its worlds on Unreal Engine, polishing and tweaking the final look.

Illuvium presented new never seen content from the last month of development. One of the features will be skins that require long in-game grinding and will be applicable to all Alluvial characters.

Illuvium will aim not to make all items accessible, moving away from the freemium model. The NFT ownership economy will require real difficulty and time commitment, not allowing some players to speedrun and grind much faster. 

Illuvium Remains Game with Strong DeFi Elements

The Illuvium community is somewhat split as the game is promising, but the project faced losses on the side of DeFi and ILV staking. 

ILV has fallen to $89.81, erasing even more value. The asset touched peaks above $1,800 and held levels above $500 for months in 2021. Now, ILV is on track to return to levels not seen since 2021, when the game was less popular. 

ILV hopes for a recovery in case the Illuvium game gains more prominence once it launches its open beta and achieves wider adoption. 

The current advantage of ILV is the small number of tokens in circulation and significant staking. Using the ILV token with the game, however, may have a very different profile once the Illuvium universe and battles are fully launched.

Currently, the Illuvium game records around 37 smart contract interactions per day, based on staking and NFT events on the blockchain. Illuvium still uses Ethereum and has not hinted at switching the blockchain for scaling to more players.

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