Voxie Avatars Finally Go Live in The Sandbox Metaverse

Voxie Tactics avatars only play in a small grid in the game, but can explore the larger Sandbox metaverse.
  • Some of the unique Voxie Tactics avatars can now be imported into the metaverse.
  • Voxie NFT ownership is a prerequisite for VOXEL earnings.
  • The game remains popular as free-to-play with no need to own Voxie NFT.

After many months of speculation, Voxie Tactics finally integrated its avatars in The Sandbox game. Always Geeky Labs has hinted at a collaboration with The Sandbox, and has now tied its brand to one of the long-running metaverse projects. 

The Sandbox, one of the top games upheld by Animoca Brands, is known for expanding its world of avatars with high-profile brands and image collections. Voxie Tactics is already a highly active game, both in its free version and as an NFT game with rewards. 

Last Giveaway Days for Voxie Items

Voxie Tactics held a series of giveaways, with the last one offering an Epic avatar. Voxies are still holding up a reasonably high floor price, and epic rarity is still not freely traded as often. 

The last day of the Voxies 12 days of Christmas will offer the biggest price, a full PC setup with a monitor and peripherals. 

Voxies remains one of the NFT-first games that managed to launch on time and retain enough value, while offering a completed tower defense and strategy game. However, the native asset VOXEL continues to slide and is down to $0.15, offering smaller rewards for Voxie owners and players.

Only 2% of Voxies are listed on OpenSea, with more than 120 ETH traded. Voxie Tactics has relatively low on-chain activity, with some of the interactions happening off-chain. Voxies use wearables, consumables and weapons, and can be rented by owners, especially those of the Genesis collection. 

The Sandbox has a higher on-chain activity, with hundreds of users per day and a higher social media profile. The Sandbox is attractive for its regular SAND rewards, especially for early land plot buyers. 

The Sandbox also released a tutorial for equipping any of its avatar collections and use them for interactions in the metaverse. 


Voxies are also listed on The Sandbox database for all potential avatars.

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