WidiLand Opens Genesis NFT Collection Claims

WidiLand is a simulated farming game with four types of NFT.
  • WidiLand NFT have real utility within the game, raising the earnings potential.
  • WIDI and WSO tokens boost in-game performance and can be used for staking.
  • WidiLand aims to grow on both BSC and Solana blockchains.

WidiLand is a free-to-play and P2E game with a metaverse and simulated farming element. Now, the game is urging its followers to choose an NFT from its Genesis collection, for advantages over the course of the game. 

Recently, WidiLand also announced it would partner with Nemogen Marketplace to boost its NFT collection. Nemogen adds a layer of security, allowing NFT buyers to return their items for a refund through a trustless smart contract.


WidiLand also aims to become a multi-chain game. Currently, the game uses BSC, one of the most accessible blockchains with connections to significant liquidity. But the game has a goal of giving multi-chain access by adding Solana assets. 

WidiLand aims to add real value to its NFT. Buying the Farmer Heroes means more of them can work on a plot of land and increase daily yield. During favorable market conditions, the game may reach payouts above $10 per day or more, based on some players’ experience. 

The game includes four types of NFT: Land, Character and mystery boxes that may contain a random land plot or a character.

In-Game Tokens Boost NFT Performance

WIDI, the game’s reward token, is already tradable. The asset is needed to buy the land plots and the Farmer Hero NFT, which retail between 3K and 4K WIDI. 

WIDI is currently at $0.0022, after falling from a peak above $0.20 at the end of 2021. This means players can now start the game with a lower initial investment in the already well-developed marketplace. 

WidiLands has an additional in-game token, WSO, which is used to pay fees and upgrades within the game. The token is needed to build and upgrade the farm, to purchase more NFT or in-game items, for summoning fees and for treasure hunts or special events. WIDI, with its limited supply, is the more valuable token, which can be used for staking and liquid farming. Both WIDI and WSO can be bought from within the game.

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