WidiLand Integrates Solana-Based NFT Marketplace

WidiLand aims to bring a farming and NFT experience to BSC and Solana.
  • WidiLand offers passive income and treasure raffles along with in-game resources.
  • Game chapter 2.0 expected in Q4.
  • WidiLand to mint NFT on the Solana blockchain.

WidiLand is a free-to-play game with a blockchain component. The game offers a resource quest with an environmental theme. In the future, WidiLand aims to build a complete metaverse. 

WidiLand came to the spotlight after integrating a Solana-based marketplace into its game. The full features will be open for those players that own Solana-based NFT. sun

The game is live with a mobile and browser-based versions. WidiLand also has a two-token model with two tradable assets. 

WidiLand (WIDI), the game’s main token, currently trades at $0.005. The asset started its price discovery at the end of 2021 at nearly $0.30. WIDI relies on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap for its liquidity, explaining the slim trading volumes and sinking prices. The game’s token uses Binance Smart Chain, along with the current NFT items. The addition of Solana will make WidiLand a multi-chain game.

The game is ranked 177 in terms of popularity based on Playtoearn.net data. WidiLand is ranked 112 in terms of daily users among games on Binance Smart Chain. DappRadar reports 140 players per day with spikes and lows based on smart contract usage.

The game has another asset, Widi Soul (WSO), also extremely volatile at $0.0006. WSO started trading at the same time as WIDI at around $0.05. 

WidiLand Offers Varied NFT Items

The game offers players to Summon a character via its special feature page. Additionally, players can earn through a weekly Treasure Farmer challenge. The Treasure Farmer is a raffle-style event with tickets, used to burn some of the in-game tokens. 

The game also offers long-term staking with high returns for locking up the game’s tokens for a predetermined period. 

The game has a marketplace for land plots, bought and sold for WIDI tokens, and plots can be found for under 200 WIDI. The current low market price for the game’s asset offers a relatively easier entry point into the game for those that want to add the blockchain component. Players can also buy Character Treasures with surprise Widian characters with more rare features.

Currently, the game has above 23K land plots and more than 56K minted characters. The player base is still relatively smaller compared to Sunflower Land that managed to mint 150K farms, presumably by unique accounts. Still, WidiLand may promise expansion in the future based on its roadmap. 

WidiLand Game chapter 2 is expected at the end of 2022, with another IDO token sale on the Solana network.

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